The latest compact-living bathroom concept removes regular space requirements and boundaries, for a bijou bathroom design. Alternatively, but arguably the next level up from a wet room, a ‘water space’ is an increasingly popular bathroom design trend, maximising room for a hotel-like experience. Typically, both the bathtub and shower occupy the same open area of the bathroom in an innovative space-saving layout, allowing the bathroom to look more spacious. For this to work, simple design elements such as a simple glass shower panel work to effortlessly separate the water space from the rest of the bathroom facilities, providing a compact and water-tight, yet airy bathroom design.

8 Considerations when creating a water space

If you currently have a small bathroom in need of an update, or are looking to design your next bathroom in a limited amount of space, this design allows you to maximise on facilities without compromising on space or style.
Follow our tips to mastering the art of a modern ‘water space’ and you can enjoy all the facilities and commodities of a standard bathroom suite, with the bijou style of a well-considered water space.

1. Double Up

Unlike a traditional wet room design, a water space will incorporate both a bath and shower. Having them aligned side by side is a great way to confine the ‘wet area’ or ‘water space’, by combining the striking look of a freestanding bathtub, with a minimal barely there shower within the same footprint.
This saves on space and parameters of a traditional shower tray, while the only thing getting wet is the bath. This is also an important consideration when future proofing your home for maximum saleability, as buyers are likely to want at least one bath.

2. Minimal Shower Screen

A minimal shower screen is a great way to separate the general ‘wet space’ within your bathroom design, protecting the toilet and basin from splashes when in use. It creates the illusion of space too, removing boundaries and traditional layouts to let water and light flow through the area at once.
Choosing a minimal design, such a simple black frame or a purely glass panel for your walk in shower area will maximise light and minimise distraction, creating a larger looking space than it really is.

3. Recessed Storage

Designing handy recessed storage space into your shower space or next to your sink are clever ways to free up surfaces from clutter or the need for additional storage racks and accessories.
Adding clever spot lights to these recesses bring a secondary dimension to the space too, adding sophistication as well as style.

4. Underfloor Heating

Adding underfloor heating to your bijou water space will help to dry up moisture, as well as give a low level heat to your tiles underfoot for a spot of luxury and comfort when you step out of the shower.

5. Wall Mounted Furniture

Wall-mounted furniture (toilets and vanity units) are fuss-free and streamlined, again freeing up floor space to trick the eye, while providing additional storage with a basin and tap functionality.

6. Concealed taps

6. Concealed taps Wall-mounted taps will bring style and comfort to your small space bathroom. Perfect for this modern bathroom concept, minimal room is taken around the basin or bath area, providing a sleek and minimal finish to your modern and airy bathroom.

7. Small Bathroom Tiles

Using the same tiling on walls and floors expands the design for a seamless look on a large-scale. This is a clever way to use tiles to create a spacious feel.
You don’t need to shy away from colour or more interesting tile shapes either – mixing them up and embracing colour makes an impact, while cleverly using darker shades in the lower levels makes the upper walls and ceiling feel light and bright when combined with carefully placed roof lights and striking pendants.

8. Space-Saving Products

Adding finishing touches such as wooden ladders to hold towels or additional stools and moveable furniture are clever ways to add style as well as functional aspects to your water space – freeing you from the need for permanent cabinets or storage solutions.
It is also a good idea to visit one of our local Bathroom Showrooms for advice. Our experts will have plenty of experience in maximising space for your water space concept, while at the same time minimising costly mistakes.