House prices have been booming in 2021, and some estate agents have even reported all-night queues of eager buyers. It seems that many people are looking to move, and bigger properties with gardens are in hot demand, according to the latest figures. While outdoor space will obviously be a priority in the summer months, we wanted to investigate the nation’s aspiration for additional bathrooms in their bigger properties too. Just how much do people value their bathrooms when looking for a new place to call home? And what features - such as a freestanding bath or walk in shower - are Brits most interested in? We asked 1,000 UK homeowners (or house hunters those in the process of buying a new home) about how important bathrooms were in their decision-making process.

Additional bathrooms are a priority

According to our study, the vast majority of UK house hunters would prioritise a property with additional bathrooms when searching for a new home, with 86% willing to pay more to ensure they have at least two bathrooms. One in ten were even happy to pay an extra £10K+ per bathroom!
Perhaps unsurprisingly, extra bathrooms are more valuable in homes with lots of occupants – people living with one other person would be prepared to pay £2,700 extra for each additional bathroom, whereas those living with another 5+ people would pay £10,800!
Extra bathrooms are also more sought-after by younger generations, with 95% of 25-34s stating they would pay for an extra bathroom (£4,850), versus 77% of over 65s (£2,670).
Our survey also shows that men would be happy to pay 60% more than women when it comes to securing a new home with multiple bathrooms, with male respondents paying up to £4,400 per bathroom while female respondents were only willing to pay up to £2,750.
Residents of Liverpool would pay the most for an extra bathroom (£5,530), followed by those living in Bristol (£5,105). In contrast, residents of Belfast would pay the least for an extra bathroom (£2,025), followed by those living in Newcastle (£2,050).
While it’s clear that there is an appetite for additional bathrooms among UK house hunters, it can also be valuable for those looking to sell, with experts suggesting a second bathroom could add up to £12,500 to your home’s value.
According to Peter Elson of the Tamworth branch of YOPA Estate Agents, a second bathroom is becoming a necessity for those looking to move to a new house. He said:
“You can add up to 5% value to your property by adding a second bathroom, more so even in the current market.
“A lot of second-steppers I see have a second bathroom right near the top of their wishlist.
“An en-suite is no longer a luxury - it's a must have - and a four-bedroom home should have a minimum of two bathrooms, ideally three.”

What do people want from their bathrooms?

When it comes to specific features, an en-suite bathroom that comes off the master bedroom is the most popular choice, with almost half of house-hunters involved in the research (42%) selecting this as their key requirements when choosing a new home.
Having a separate bath and shower were also considered important; just behind the en-suite, with 41.5% stating that a bath and separate shower are a priority when searching for a new home.
The top five most sought-after bathroom features that people would pay more for are:
  1. An en-suite in the master bedroom (42%)
  2. A bath and separate shower (41.5%)
  3. A walk-in shower (33%)
  4. Underfloor heating (23%)
  5. An en-suite in the guest bedroom (20%) / A jacuzzi style bath (20%) / A free-standing bath (20%)
The research indicates that there is a clear split between the younger and older generations when it comes to their bathroom choices, with those aged 45 and older prioritising an en-suite in the master bedroom (51%), while 18-44 year olds prefer a separate bath and shower (43%).
The gender divide is also apparent with the choice of features in a new home’s bathroom: twice as many men (10%) than women (5%) happy to pay extra for a bidet, while twice as many women (13%) than men (6.5%) would pay extra for ‘his and hers’ / double sinks.
Having a bathroom with the latest technology is also of interest for house hunters, with one in five (20%) prioritising a jacuzzi style bath, 12% looking for a TV in the bathroom and one in ten hoping for an electric smart toilet in their new home. These were featured particularly popular with buyers aged 25-34.
The most sought-after bathroom features by resident city were:
  • Belfast: A free-standing bath (38%)
  • Birmingham: An en-suite in the master bedroom (42%)
  • Bristol: An en-suite in the master bedroom (54%)
  • Cardiff: A separate bath and shower (35%)
  • Edinburgh: An en-suite in the master bedroom (55%)
  • Glasgow: An en-suite in the master bedroom (50%)
  • Leeds: An en-suite in the master bedroom (48%)
  • Liverpool: An en-suite in the master bedroom (47%)
  • London: A separate bath and shower (43%)
  • Manchester: A separate bath and shower (41%)
  • Newcastle: An en-suite in the master bedroom (44%) / A separate bath and shower (44%)
  • Norwich: A separate bath and shower (46%)
  • Sheffield: A separate bath and shower (58%)
  • Southampton: An en-suite in the master bedroom (50%)
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