If your bathroom space is limited, you may be wondering can I have a shower in a small bathroom? For most, the answer is yes, but you’ll just need to be more clever when adding your shower. 
One of the most important fixtures in this space, our showers are an essential part of our bathroom suites. But, for those with smaller bathrooms, there's a need to be more innovative when selecting and installing your shower. 
Yet, you don’t have to compromise on style here. With several superb options available, there are a number of smaller shower choices that cater to the smaller-sized bathroom. Here the Bathroom Showroom offers several small bathroom shower ideas to help you add in a shower when space is limited.

The Best Showers for Small Bathrooms

  • Space Saving Shower Enclosures
When it comes to selecting a small shower enclosure for a smaller bathroom there are two functional options here. One is to opt for a shower enclosure with the smallest of dimensions, while the other is to consider a quad (quadrant) enclosure design.
A small shower enclosure like that of the 760 mm iflo Aira is a pivot door type. This means that the door needs less clearance space as it pivots when opening and closing, rather than swinging. Boasting an easy-fit system, the iflo Aira has a swift install process. With its on-trend flat chrome profile, the iflo Aira slots neatly into the corner of a small bathroom.
Alternatively, a quad shower enclosure that offers a snug fit in the corner of your bathroom can work perfectly to help maximise your bathroom space. Corner showers for small bathrooms are ideal for using what is often wasted space.
The 800 mm Novellini Young Quad is another pivot/hinged door shower enclosure. A stunning polished chrome profile and crystal clear treated glass make this a superb designer-style shower enclosure.
  • Riser Rails
Riser rails, also known as slider rail kits or shower rail kits, are space-saving designs that usually consist of a riser rail, shower headset, and shower hose. These are simple but multi-purpose solutions that offer a wide range of designs while working wonderfully in small bathrooms. 
As part of the iflo Mix & Match shower range, the iflo Riser Rail with either a round or square shower head works superbly in smaller bathroom spaces. With the ability to create your own unique look, this choice provides a high-glare chrome finish and offers a single-mode shower head function.
Simple to install and indeed very flexible, a riser rail allows all users to adjust the shower to suit their height.
  • Over Bath Showers - With Bath Screens 
Most small bathrooms have to make a compromise between a bath and a shower. Yet, with an over-bath shower, you can continue to have the best of both worlds.
If you have a bath but want the option of showering too then an electric shower like the Mira Azora can be positioned above your bath, making it the most multifunctional use of this space.
A simplistic design but one that offers tremendous powerful features in its performance, the Mira Azora is a 90 mm single-mode hand shower finished in frosted glass for a contemporary design. 
Simple to install with a minimal amount of plumbing required, an electric shower positioned over the bath is perfect when paired with a small frameless bath screen. The iflo Apsley single bath screen is a frameless curved bath screen that prevents leaks while keeping your water in the bath. What's more, with the option to open both outward and inwards, it further reduces the clearance space required.

Fit a Shower in a Small Bathroom With Ease

By making the best of your small bathroom design, it's possible to continue to enjoy the many benefits of having a shower in this room. 
At The Bathroom Showroom, we believe there's a perfect shower type to suit all spaces. By making just a few adjustments here to accommodate a shower, you can be assured of having a stunning-looking feature that all members of the home can benefit from.
If you’re considering adding a shower to your small bathroom space, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.