With your basic bathroom layout, look and suite decided on, next are the components needed to complete the project. You may feel excited to add the final touches – or perhaps you’re not quite sure what it is you’re missing? From the functional to the fun, there are several additions that can help you realise your project’s potential. And considering a well-designed bathroom can add value to your property as well as enhancing your daily routines, it’s worth going the extra mile. We’re a trusted supplier of complete bathroom solutions, so read our guide on accessories and finishing touches for bathrooms below to inspire your bathroom design.

Electric underfloor bathroom heating

Underfloor heating is an added luxury that many homeowners may not immediately think of. Yet if you’ve ever felt the comfort of its gentle warmth underfoot elsewhere, perhaps on holiday or when staying with a friend, you’re bound to want it in your own home too.
Electric underfloor heating systems are ideal for bathrooms on frosty winter mornings. Consisting of wires or mats that produce heat when connected to the mains, they can be programmed to turn on at a time and temperature of your choosing. You’ll be able to heat your bathroom evenly while saving valuable design space as it eliminates the need for radiators or visible pipes.
These electric or ‘dry’ systems are suitable for both new build and retrofit projects and are relatively quick and easy to install.

Tiles or wall panels

You can match tiles and wall panels to your bathroom’s overall aesthetic style or use them to create a single statement area. There’s a vast range of colours, sizes and finishes to choose from − and the way you lay them can make a big visual difference too.Laying tiles in a brick bond pattern, for example – with the joins staggered from one row to the next – can make a small bathroom feel bigger. Striking marble-effect wall panels meanwhile could make your new shower area truly stand out and shine.Tiles are typically smaller than wall panels and require grouting. Both options are waterproof and suitable for common splash zones, combining functionality with creativity for maximum effect.

Bathroom mirror ideas

Mirrors are another extra that can be decorative as well as functional − so don’t limit your bathroom mirror ideas to one plain piece above the sink. Choose an LED trim for extra illumination while pampering, then add a smaller magnifying mirror for the tasks that require extra precision.
Shelved mirror designs can help you tidy away your toiletries while reflecting more light around the room. You could take things up another level by investing in a demisting mirror that prevents condensation gathering after hot showers.

Lighting options

Just as you could benefit from multiple mirrors, the best bathroom lighting schemes have different options to suit different tasks. This is especially true if natural light is limited.
As well as installing spotlights or bar lights throughout, you may want to add a shower light to highlight its design or bring extra clarity to this part of your routine. A hanging pendant light could add drama or ambience to a bath area, while a wall light placed close to your sink will provide ideal task lighting for your personal grooming.

More bathroom accessories ideas

But that’s not all. There are countless small touches and features that can add that extra something to your bathroom.
Your shower can be one of the most intimate and comforting spaces in your home. Why not enhance the experience further with accessories such as supplementary body jets? Digital shower controls meanwhile allow you to set the water temperature and pressure to your liking remotely before getting in.
There are few things more appealing to step out to than a heated towel. Yet towel radiators can be used for visual effect too, and come in a range of traditional and contemporary finishes to suit your chosen aesthetic.
Other bathroom accessories worth adding to your list include towel rings, toilet roll holders and soap holders. Fans or grills are essential for keeping your bathroom well ventilated, while an electronic water softener could do wonders for your hair and skin.

Get all your bathroom’s finishing touches in one place

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