We all want our bathroom to be a place we can relax and unwind at the end of the day, so choosing the right bath for you is an important step in your bathroom design. Because they take up a large part of the bathroom space, it's important to spend time making sure you select the right size and shape. With a wide range of freestanding, shower, and straight baths available, The Bathroom Showroom is here to help you make the right choice.

Who Will Be Using the Bath?

When buying a bath it’s important to consider who will be using it. Will it be for a family for everyday use, or for an individual for sheer luxury and relaxation, or both? Family baths may need to be more durable and easy to maintain, whereas baths for smaller households or individuals might be chosen more for their style.

How Much Space Do You Have?

How much space you have available in your bathroom is a significant factor to consider when choosing a new bath. Freestanding baths tend to require a good deal of area around them, whereas wall space is a factor to be considered as part of the design process for straight baths. Also if you need a more multifunctional space in your bathroom, then baths with showers may be a priority.

Choosing the Right Bath Material

Most baths come in one of three standard materials, including acrylic, evo and steel.
Acrylic baths are known for being resilient, easy to maintain and affordable. All our acrylic baths are lightweight for easy installation and have a high gloss finish for additional style.
Evo baths, are stronger, more durable, and retain heat for longer than standard acrylic baths. This is because they're made with two layers of reinforced plastic rather than one.
Steel baths allow for a clean curved and extremely durable finish and make for spectacular finishes.

Choose the Best Style of Bath

Modern and Traditional Freestanding Baths
Freestanding baths are available as modern or traditional choices and can be set around the bathroom to suit. The Onyx, Form, and Aruba baths from Scudo are all modern freestanding baths with smooth flowing curves that create stunning finishes.
The iflo Herita Slipper is a traditional freestanding bath tub boasting standout separate cast iron legs, while the Heritage Orford is the epitome of traditional designs.
Straight Baths
Straight baths, like the iflo Breton and Roca Sureste, are typically available in round and square single-ended or double-ended shapes. Consider where you would like the taps and waste hole when deciding what bath to choose. These could be in the centre or at the end of the bath.
Shower Baths
Providing the best of both worlds, shower baths, like the iflo Rennes and iflo Metz, are practical solutions for those small bathrooms when space is tight. All our shower baths have matching bath screens available too.
For further choices, check out our fantastic range of baths on page 130 of our latest bathrooms brochure.

Don't Forget Your Baths Taps

When it comes to choosing your taps, the choice really is yours. We think freestanding baths look great with either wall-mounted or freestanding taps. Our straight baths come with no pre-drilled holes, meaning you have the flexibility to position them wherever you want. For further help, check out our taps buying guide.
If you’re looking to shop bathroom products, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.