When protecting your bathroom, a bath screen is an essential fixture for keeping water in the bath and preventing wet floors and walls! As well as encouraging a splash-free showering experience, a carefully chosen bath screen can also add instant style while ensuring a healthier and cleaner choice instead of a shower curtain. Here we offer a quick guide to help you get the best bath screen to suit your bathroom requirements.

Who will be using the bath screen?

When considering a bath screen, first ask how many people will be using it and whether they have any specific needs or requirements?
For busy family bathrooms emphasis may be on an easy to clean bath screen, toughened safety glass and increased floor protection. Whereas smaller households may want to opt for simplicity and style.
Those users with mobility issues may want to consider how accessible the screens are when getting in and out of the bath.

How much space do you have for a bath screen?

Some crucial factors to consider before deciding on a bath screen are the size of your bathroom and most importantly the size of your bath. To do this, you will need to have the measurements of both bathroom and bath to hand before making your selection. Some bath screens require fixing to the wall while others will require attaching to both the wall and bath.
A small-sized bath may be able to manage with a small bath screen, while a larger and longer-sized bath will benefit from wider screen sizes.
Ultimately, you need to make sure that there’s enough room for people to get in and out of the bath when using the bath screen.

The materials used in bath screens

For peace of mind, bath screens should be made using toughened safety glass. At The Bathroom Showroom, our bath screens use toughened safety glass which ranges from 6mm to 8mm in thickness. Though you may find some bath screens as thin as 3mm, we recommend selecting a thicker dimension that is higher in quality for ongoing safety. Many bath screens boast an easy clean coating, as well as chrome antibacterial, treated profiles, making them cleaner and healthier long-term.

Choosing the best style of bath screen

Fixed Bath Screen

A fixed bath screen is attached permanently to the wall and over the bath. A simple but modern choice, this bath screen type is popular in minimalist bathrooms. A fixed shower screen is also considered to be the easier of screens to install and maintain due to its unfussy design. This screen type, such as the Metz L Shaped Bath Screen, is also perfect for in-bath showering.

Swing Bath Screen

A swing bath screen works as a door that can be opened and closed to divide the bath while working hard to keep water off the floor. Swing bath screens benefit from a pivot in their design, meaning you can enter and exit like a shower cubicle. However, this does mean they are more suited to those larger bathrooms because of this swinging door type.

Folding Bath Screen

A folding bath screen is the more innovative design of a bath screen as it folds away after each use. This makes them the ideal practical choice for those who want to create more space in their bathroom and for those with smaller bathrooms. A foldaway shower screen will range from two to four doors, like the iflo Apsley 4 Fold Bath Screen. You can also select a frameless design like the iflo Kalhatti Frameless 4 Folding for an added touch of elegance to these fixtures.

Sliding Bath Screen

A sliding bath screen works on a rail that is fitted to the rim of the bath, and sometimes to the ceiling. This bath screen works to close the bath area off completely, meaning a reduction in water spilling outside the bath, as well as reducing the noise from the shower. Available with one or two sliding doors, this bath screen choice is ideal for adding an extra layer of privacy in the bathroom, too.

Single Panel Bath Screen

A single panel bath screen is a basic one-panel screen and is a popular choice because of its low cost. These bath screens are unfussy and uncomplicated but equally, work to prevent leaks. They are also the easier bath screen choices to replace. Available as a fixed screen or hinged curved bath screen that opens inwards and outwards, like the iflo Apsley Single Panel, single panels work well in small and minimalist bathroom designs.

Double Panel Bath Screen

A double panel bath screen, such as that of the iflo Apsley Double Panel, works to offer elegance alongside practicality. This design usually consists of a fixed first panel to increase the rigidity of the screen with the option to open inwards or outwards for convenience.

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