Lighting can make or break the look and feel of any space, but it's particularly important in bathroom design. Needing to be practical and safe, bathroom lighting can also be used to transform the mood of this room.
Whether using your bathroom to get ready for a busy day ahead or as a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, good bathroom lighting can set the desired scene perfectly. Here we provide a quick bathroom buying guide to help you select the best bathroom lighting for your space.

What to Consider Before Installing Bathroom Lighting

When changing your bathroom lights or installing a new system, it's not as simple as just picking a light fitting you like. Bathrooms are covered by stringent safety regulations when it comes to electricity, so you'll need to hire a qualified and experienced electrician to carry out this job.

The Bathroom Electrical Zones

Your bathroom will be split into different zones that are suitable for different electrical items.
Zone 0 is the area occupied by the bath, shower, and basin. Light fittings here will need to be at least a minimum of IP67. This means they're immersion proof. With a maximum of 12V, lights used in zone 0 will also need to be low voltage.
Zone 1 is the area directly above zone 0, meaning the space above the bath, shower, and basin. Though this area won't be submerged in water as such, it will be regularly exposed to condensation and water spray. So, bathroom light fittings with IP44 are the minimum requirement here, with IP65 lighting choices recommended.
Zone 2 is the space outside of the bath, shower, and basin and refers to a larger surface area. The light fittings used in zone 2 will need to have a minimum IP44.
Outside Zones, previously referred to as zone 3, are those areas that don't fall under the zones mentioned above. These zones don't have to adhere to specific IP ratings but normal safety rules for installing lights still apply here.

The Types of Bathroom Lighting

Once you've zoned your bathroom, it's time to get some bathroom lighting ideas. There's a whole selection of lighting types, each providing either task lighting or bathroom mood lighting.
  • Bathroom Ceiling Lighting
Bathroom ceiling lights are available in traditional designs that are simple and functional, as well as more modern designs that are more statement-making. They range from chandelier-inspired designs to more contemporary fixtures.
  • Bathroom Downlights and Bathroom Spotlights
If your bathroom is modern in design, downlights and spotlights are a perfect solution. Fitting into and sitting flush to your ceiling, these lights are extremely discreet. Providing an even distribution of light across the space, they offer form and function. These types of lights make ideal choices for walk-in showers and wet rooms.
  • Bathroom Wall Lights
For a more subdued and boutique hotel feel, wall lighting is a perfect choice. Choose wall lights that work independently of your main lighting for when you're looking to create a sophisticated space for relaxing in the tub.
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