Lighting can make or break the look and feel of any space, but it's particularly important in bathroom design. Needing to be practical and safe, lighting can also be used to transform the mood of the room. Whether your house bathroom is used for busy bedtime rituals or as a place you can relax and unwind at the end of the day, lighting plays a crucial role in helping set the scene.

Things to consider

When changing your bathroom lights or installing a new system, it's not as simple as just picking a light fitting you like. Bathrooms are covered by stringent safety regulations when it comes to electricity, so you'll need to hire a qualified and experienced electrician to carry out the job.

Size of bathroom and placement of lighting

When looking into the best bathroom lighting for your bathroom, you'll need to take a look at where certain items are situated. If your bathroom has no natural light, more task lighting will be required. However, if your bathroom enjoys lots of natural light, bathroom mood lighting might be more appropriate.
Compact bathrooms benefit from multi-functional products like mirrors with concealed lighting, like the SPA Ion or SPA Ecti mirror.

Electrical zones and safety zones

Your bathroom will be split into different zones that are suitable for different electrical items. Typically, there is Zone 0, which is the area occupied by the bath and shower. No devices are allowed within this zone, apart from suitable equipment or insulated pull cords.
Zone 1 is the area above Zone 0. Only separated extra-low voltage (SELV) devices are allowed in this zone.
Zone 2 is the area above or either side of Zone 1. Only SELV devices are allowed in this zone.
If the size of the bathroom extends beyond Zone 2, a Zone 3 is created. Within this zone, portable equipment is allowed. However, they should be positioned so their flex length doesn’t enable them to be used in Zone 2.
In addition to the bathroom safety zones, all bathroom lights must be IP rated. If you're looking at installing bathroom ceiling lights, they should be out of reach of anyone who could be wet from the shower or bath.
Bathroom light switches should be a pull cord or, if you're looking for a more modern aesthetic, the switch should be outside the room.

Style of bathroom

When looking for bathroom lighting ideas, you should consider the style of your bathroom. Contemporary bathrooms suit fixtures and fittings like our range of HiB lighting products, while more traditional spaces suit chandelier-inspired shapes like the SPA Belle or SPA Vela.

Types of lighting

Once you've zoned your bathroom, it's time to get some bathroom lighting ideas. There is a whole host of lighting types, each providing either task lighting or bathroom mood lighting.

Ceiling lighting

Bathroom ceiling lights are available in traditional designs that are simple and functional, as well as more modern designs that are more statement-making. They range from chandelier-inspired designs to more contemporary fixtures.

Downlights and spotlights

If your bathroom is modern in design, downlights and spotlights are a perfect solution. Fitting into and sitting flush to your ceiling, these lights are extremely discreet. Providing an even distribution of light across the space, they offer form and function. Our HiB ceiling lights and Pro Light Downlights provide the perfect solution, while our Sensio Shower Lights are ideal for walk-in showers and wet rooms.

Wall lights

For a more subdued and boutique hotel feel, wall lighting is a perfect choice. Choose wall lights that work independently of your main lighting for when you're looking to create a sophisticated space for relaxing in the tub.

Bathroom lighting from The Bathroom Showroom

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