What type of mirror?


Classic mirrors can be hung portrait or landscape and can suit any style of bathroom. Check out our iflo Vela and iflo Zora classic mirrors in our latest brochure.


Often in bathrooms storage space is invaluable so mirrored cabinets are the perfect solution. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, opt for LED mirrored cabinets such as the iflo Anora.


Add some glamour to your space with LED bathroom mirrors. They’re great for creating additional lighting to your bathroom if natural light is limited, as well being super practical and useful for shaving and beauty rituals.

Steam free

Add a real sense of luxury to your new bathroom with steam free mirrors, such as the HiB Ambience. Helping to eliminate steam, your mirror will be crystal clear – no matter how hot you enjoy your shower.

Where should I hang a bathroom mirror?

For convenience and practicality, bathroom mirrors are usually above the sink at a height where you can see your head and shoulders - but there are no hard and fast rules. For smaller spaces, or for bathrooms that don’t get much natural light, you may want to add a second mirror to help bounce the light around the room.

Who can install LED bathroom mirrors?

LED mirrors should be installed by a part P certified electrician.
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