The best bathroom mirror can wonderfully complement a bathroom design. Not just a practical feature for everyone getting ready in this room, but a bathroom mirror has the ability to transform the décor of this space. Here we offer a quick bathroom buying guide to help you select the best bathroom mirror, ensuing a safe, practical, and stylish fit.

The Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Classic Bathroom Mirrors
Classic mirrors can be hung portrait or landscape and can suit any style of bathroom. These types of mirrors can also be found in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and shape.
Cabinet Bathroom Mirrors
As storage space is usually limited in bathroom, mirrored cabinets are the perfect solution. Keeping essential items both out of sight and indeed safer, bathroom cabinet mirror offer both double and single door choices.

The Most Popular Bathroom Mirror Styles

Circular Bathroom Mirrors
Some of the most popular mirror choices for bathroom come from circular mirror designs. Helping to make a design statement, circular mirror work well as a focal point in this space. Circular bathroom mirrors can also help cerate an elegant space with their soft gentler curves.
Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors
Providing homeowners with more design versatility, rectangular bathroom mirrors can boost the décor in all bathrooms. Offering a selection of sizes and styles, a large rectangular bathroom mirror can bring an additional feature to this space.
LED Bathroom Mirrors
LED bathroom mirrors are thoroughly modern choices and add a touch of glamour to the room. Bathroom mirrors with lights are ideal for adding more lighting to your bathroom, especially if natural light is limited. Yet, they're also the more practical and useful for shaving and beauty rituals.
Steam-Free Bathroom Mirrors
Enhancing the practicality of a mirror, a steam-free mirror choice is ideal for the bathroom environment. Helping to eliminate steam, this type of mirror will remain crystal clear, no matter how hot you enjoy your shower.

Where Should I Hang a Bathroom Mirror?

For convenience and practicality, bathroom mirrors are usually above the sink at a height where you can see your head and shoulders - but there are no hard and fast rules. For smaller spaces, or for bathrooms that don’t get much natural light, you may want to add a second mirror to help bounce the light around the room.
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