A shower enclosure is a crucial purchase if you have a shower in your bathroom, as it protects the room from the splashes of water. Also referred to as shower cubicles, these solutions make the most of any space. There are different types of shower enclosures available for all bathroom sizes and designs. Here we offer a quick bathroom buying guide on choosing shower enclosures and shower trays to suit your bathroom requirements.

Who Will Be Using the Shower Enclosure?

When considering a shower enclosure, the most important questions you should ask yourself are what size shower enclosure do I need, where will it be placed in the bathroom, and who will be using it?
Bathrooms with much traffic may work better with larger models that are fully enclosed and offer treated glass for easy cleaning. Smaller bathrooms will benefit from curved shower enclosures with sliding panels to maximise overall space.

How Much Space Do You Have For a Shower Enclosure?

How much space you have in your bathroom and the layout of this room will play a significant factor in the type of shower enclosure you choose. You'll also need to consider whether your door opens to the left or right and how far out into the room it opens, alongside the height and depth of the area you intend to occupy.
If you have a large bathroom, a roomier enclosure, such as a rectangle shower enclosure, will offer a more luxurious showering experience. If your bathroom is small and you’re tight on space, a quadrant shower enclosure is a practical and functional choice.

The Materials Used in Shower Enclosures and Trays

Shower enclosures usually consist of toughened safety glass for increased protection and ideally range from 6mm to 8mm in thickness. Some models will also offer crystal clear treated glass to ensure ease of cleaning.
Trays for shower enclosures are usually made up of acrylic or acrylic capped resin stone. Here at The Bathroom Showroom, most of our trays are made using the increasingly popular hard-wearing acrylic capped resin stone, which is more durable than acrylic.

What Tray Do You Need for a Shower Enclosure?

A more simple choice to make when selecting a shower enclosure is that of the shower tray! Your choice of shower tray will largely be determined by the shape and size of your shower enclosure. For this reason, it’s best practice to select a shower tray to match your enclosure shape

Choosing the Best Style of Shower Enclosure and Shower Tray

Quadrant Shower Enclosures
A shower enclosure quadrant shaped, such as the iflo Aira Quad, is designed with a curved shape. These are practical and space-saving enclosures that are ideal for fitting in corners and tighter spaces.
Quadrant Tray
A quadrant shower tray has a curved front and fits neatly into quadrant shower enclosures.
Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures
An offset quadrant shower enclosure, like that of the Novellini Lunes 2.0 Offset Quad, is a larger variation on a quadrant shower enclosure as it boasts a longer curve. This makes it a good choice for larger bathrooms.
Offset Quadrant Tray
An offset quadrant shower tray has a longer curved front and fits well in offset quadrant shower enclosures.
Square Shower Enclosures
A square shower enclosure, like the iflo Kilfane, is a popular enclosure design favoured for its versatility. This is a compact design that makes it perfect for a smaller bathroom.
Square Tray
A square shower tray is a typical tray choice that's ideal for smaller bathrooms, fitting perfectly into square shower enclosures.
Rectangle Shower Enclosures
A rectangle shower enclosure, like the iflo Glenevin, is a larger variant on the square shower enclosure and simply offers more room for maneuver when showering, making it great for larger bathrooms.
Rectangle Tray
A rectangle shower tray offers more in the way of space for rectangle shower enclosures and is ideal for a bigger bathroom.
Pivot Door Shower Enclosures
A shower enclosure with a pivot door such as the Novellini Young, opens up outwards into the bathroom.
Sliding Door Shower Enclosure
A sliding door shower enclosure, like the Novellini Lunes 2.0, has the option of a single or double sliding door.
Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure
A bi-fold door shower enclosure is a space-spacing choice that opens inwards. A good example is that of the Kudos Original6.
Centre Fold Shower Enclosure
A centre fold shower enclosure, like the Kudos Pinnacle8, is a versatile option that is practical and saves on space. This type of enclosure folds inwards upon opening and offers a left or right-hand opening.

Anti-Slip Shower Trays

You may be wondering, is it worth buying an anti-slip shower tray? At the Bathroom Showroom most of our trays, particularly in the iflo range, are available in either Standard or Anti-Slip choices. For those family bathrooms and where mobility is an issue, a tray with an anti-slip coating, such as the Mira Flight Safe, gives peace of mind by combating slippery surfaces.
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