A bathroom should be a place of sanctuary after a busy long day. Yet, trying to relax among clutter and chaos is far from relaxing. To help bring back the feeling of calm, adding simple storage solutions can help to not only improve the overall look of this space, but also combat clutter and promote a most accessible bathroom for all users of the home.
Our storage guide helps you select the best storage cabinets and units for your bathroom space.

What To Consider Before Choosing Bathroom Storage Solutions

The Size Of Your Bathroom
You'll find we have bathroom storage of all shapes and sizes, so figuring out the size you require is top of your to-do list. The average height of bathroom storage cabinets vary, as does the depth and width. So take the time to measure up your bathroom and decide beforehand where you want your storage to go.
Remember to make good use of vertical dimensions and not just horizontal. Tall bathroom storage cabinets are great for smaller rooms and ideal for families, as it allows you to place items that aren’t child-friendly higher up.
The Materials Used
All bathroom storage units should be made from durable materials that can withstand heat and moisture. You’ll find that all our bathroom storage is designed to last and many of our collections are available in a host of materials, so you’re sure to find a finish that fits your scheme. We even have customisable options with our range of handles and worktops.
To tie your bathroom scheme together, your bathroom storage units should fit the aesthetic you’re going for. If your bathroom has a contemporary feel, we recommend installing a floating sink basin storage solution. With clean lines and a stylish finish, the floating aspect also helps give the illusion of more floor space, making it the perfect addition for smaller bathrooms.
For more traditional homes or period properties, you’ll want your bathroom storage units to not only be functional but also fit with the overall aesthetic. Aim for those furniture ranges that offer a touch of heritage-inspired in their storage solutions.
Amount of storage
Lastly, think about how much storage you'll need. Busy family bathrooms will require more storage than a guest en-suite, while a master bathroom might require more space for toiletries and less space for toys! Mirror cabinets are ideal for master en-suites, while washstands with a single exposed shelf make perfect guest rooms additions.
Consider floating storage for family bathrooms to help prevent things from getting lost underneath cabinets, or little legs climbing onto bottom drawers to reach higher up.

Where Should Bathroom Storage Be Positioned?

Things to consider when planning on what and where your bathroom storage units should go:
  • The toilet: The position of the toilet will have an impact on the bathroom cupboard storage you choose. Do you want your cabinet beside your toilet, or perhaps you prefer a built-in toilet and storage solution?
  • Door swing: Most bathroom doors swing inwards, so factoring in where the door swings open will impact where the storage units can go.
  • The shower unit: If your shower has a door, you’ll want to make sure you can fully open and close it without the cupboard getting in the way. Equally, if you have a curtain, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space between that and the cupboard to ensure water doesn’t pool and over time cause damp on the storage units
  • The flow of the room: You might not have considered this but understanding the flow of the room can help you decide where the bathroom storage units should go. Make sure they’re placed out of the way of where you normally get into/out of the shower or bath and take a note of the amount of space you need to change.

Types of Bathroom Storage Units

  • Mirrored Cabinets: These multi-purpose storage solutions are great for bathrooms. Providing you with additional storage as well as giving you a mirror, they’re great in smaller bathrooms and en-suites. Many mirrored cabinets come with additional LEDs to add task and mood lighting.
  • Vanity Units: If you’re looking to maximise the space around the sink, a vanity unit is an ideal addition. Not only do vanity units offer additional countertop space, ideal for soaps and toothbrushes, but the cupboard underneath can be used as bathroom storage for essential items. This makes them ideal for clean and contemporary finishes.
  • Tall Units: Tall bathroom storage cabinets are a great space-saving solution for bathrooms of all sizes but work particularly well in smaller spaces. Using vertical wall space instead of horizontal, they make the most out of every inch of the bathroom. And because tall bathroom storage cabinets tend to be narrower than traditional bathroom storage units, they’re great at fitting into those tighter spots.
  • Compact Units: If you’re looking to add bathroom storage units to a downstairs bathroom or a smaller guest bathroom, you’ll find many of our best-selling collections also feature compact units. These scaled-down units feature the same high-quality finish but in more compact sizes to help you squeeze them into even the tightest spot.
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