The best bathroom taps will not only promote increased practicality in this space but also make fantastic looking bathroom accessories when chosen carefully. From bathroom taps for sink use to bathrooms taps for baths, The Bathroom Showroom has this quick handy buying guide to help you choose the right bathroom taps for your room.

Select The Right Tap Style For Your Bathroom Design

Traditional Bathroom Décor
If you have a classic bathroom style, traditional taps will complement your room perfectly. Crosshead taps are a common feature to look out for when looking for traditional taps. Those elegant brass taps choices also work well here, with some fantastic options in the Crosswater ranges.
Modern Bathroom Décor
For contemporary bathrooms, modern taps like those from the Methven Amio and Roca Carelia collections offer a combination of unique style complete with angular forms to create an on-trend striking look.

Consider What Water System Your Bathroom Has

The water pressure you get from your tap relates to the boiler system you have installed in your home. If you have a gravity-fed system, be sure to check the suitability of your chosen tap with either your Showroom Manager or your bathroom installer before you purchase.

Select The Best Type of Tap

Wall-Mounted Taps
Add contemporary styling with wall mounted taps, commonly used with furniture basins.
Monobloc Basin Mixers
Control the temperature and the flow of water from one handle.
Pillar Taps
Pairs of taps with the hot and cold water flowing separately. We have these available in both basin and bath varieties.
Bath Filler Taps
Taps where the hot and cold water is controlled by separate handles but passes through a single spout.
Floor-mounted / Freestanding Taps
These are just like a bath mixer tap, but the pipework goes through the floor. Most commonly used with freestanding baths.
Bath Shower Mixers
The same as bath filler tap, but with the added benefit of a shower handset.
Check out the many different types of taps we offer in our latest bathrooms brochure.

Don’t Forget Your Basin Wastes

Plug Waste
Traditional waste that comprises a plug fastened to the end of a chain (suitable for use with basins that have two tap holes).
Clicker Waste
Simply press the waste in or out to hold or release water.
Flipper Waste
Can be easily turned by hand and spins 90 degrees to open and close.
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