Choosing the right toilet as part of your new bathroom suite is an important but sometimes overlooked part when planning a dream bathroom. From close coupled toilets to shower toilets, there’s a surprising number of options to consider before selecting this new fixture. The Bathroom Showroom offers a handy guide designed to help you choose the best toilet for your space.

How Much Space Do You Have In Your Bathroom?

Before you decide what type of toilet you want, consider where exactly in the room you want it to go and whether it will fit. Is it going into a cloakroom or ensuite where space is limited, or is it going into a larger bathroom with more floor space? Measure your bathroom, including the dimensions of your existing toilet and suite, so you know what size toilet will fit best. And, consider how much space you'll need in front of the toilet for easy access and a comfortable user experience.

What Direction Is the Soil Pipe In?

The soil pipe expels the wastewater from the toilet to the sewage outflow pipe. Check what position this pipe is in for your existing toilet - horizontal, vertical or to the left or right. This can impact where your new toilet can be positioned in the room and what type of toilet will be suitable, as certain toilets can only be installed in a particular position.
If you’re thinking of reconfiguring the layout of your bathroom suite and are considering moving the toilet to a different location, we have a range of macerators which can pump the toilet waste to the nearest outflow pipe. Speak to your installer about whether this is possible for your new bathroom.

Types of Toilet Designs

Close-Coupled Toilets
There are two types of close coupled toilets - open back and closed back. Open back toilets are coupled with a cistern and are the most common type of toilet. They’re also easy to install as the pipework is visible at the back, so they're more versatile.
With closed-back toilets, like those in the iflo Serino Collection, the pan goes back to the wall, so it hides pipework and is easier to clean. Closed-back toilets are also coupled with a cistern.
Back-To-Wall Toilets
With back to wall toilets, the cistern is concealed by a furniture unit or behind a wall. This type of toilet, found in the Rocca Debba Collection, is easy to clean and can be a great option for contemporary, modern bathrooms as you can use the furniture unit to bring colour and texture into your space. They’re also great space-saving solutions for smaller bathrooms.
Wall-Hung Toilets
Similar to back to wall toilets, wall hung toilets, like those from the iflo Rhea Collection, have a concealed cistern. Taking up no floor space, these toilets are an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms and for modern, minimalist style bathrooms. As well as looking exceptional, they are also easy to clean. One thing to note though is that wall hung toilets require a frame to support them.
Shower Toilets
Shower toilets, like the Roca Adena In-Wash, have the functionality of a toilet, and all the in-built cleaning properties of a bidet.
Rimless Toilets
Rimless toilets, like those from the VitrA Integra Collection, are designed to be not only more hygienic choices but also easier to clean toilets. Featuring simple and clean lines, they provide a fresh modern feel to any bathroom.
Check out our the many different types of toilets we offer in our latest bathrooms brochure.
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