Gone are the days when heated towel rails were considered a luxury item. Towel rails have now become an essential part of the bathroom - not only for heating the room, but as a functional space to hang and dry towels. Before you buy a new bathroom towel rail, there are a few things to consider. In this buyer’s guide we help guide you through the process.

What size towel radiator?

One of the first things to consider is what size towel rail, often called towel radiators, you will need for your space. You should consider what size will fit your wall space, how many people will be using it and what size you’ll need to heat the room.
When buying new towel rails, you should look at the BTU Output to workout how much heat output is needed to heat your space.
We have a wide variety of towel rails in sizes ranging from 800x400mm to 1800x750mm, so we’re sure you’ll find the best solution for your needs.

Where do you want to install your new towel rail?

Think about what wall space you have available in your new bathroom - to get the best efficiency out of it, a towel rail is best suited to the coldest wall of your bathroom, which is usually an external wall with a window (if you have one).

What style of towel rail?

Consider what style of towel rail will suit your new bathroom - are you looking for ultra-modern and contemporary, or classic and timeless? We have a wide range of towel rails in a variety of colours including white, chrome, anthracite grey and black.

Consider the practicality of your towel rail

Whilst some minimalist towel rails look gorgeous in contemporary bathrooms, if they are being used to heat multiple towels, they may not be very practical.

Floor mounted or wall mounted towel rail?

For smaller bathrooms we recommend installing a space-saving wall mounted towel rail. Not only is this a practical solution, but it creates the illusion of having more floor space.
If your central heating connection is at floor level, you'll find that floor mounted towel rails are not only a great option, but they're a stylish and contemporary alternative to traditional radiators.

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