Bathroom wall panels are becoming an increasingly popular way to transform bathrooms in a hassle-free and effective way. From bold designs to subtle textures, there's a whole host of bathroom wall panels for you to choose from.
Our helpful buying guide looks at what to consider when choosing wall panels for your bathroom design.

Bathroom Wall Panel Material

Most bathroom wall panels are made from three types of material: acrylic, PVC and pressure-laminated vinyl on an MDF core.
  • Acrylic Bathroom Wall Panels
Acrylic bathroom wall panels offer a high-gloss finish without the costs often associated with glass splashbacks that provide the same shine.
Acrylic panels are easy to install and can be cut to size in a matter of minutes, making them perfect for last-minute bathroom transformations.
However, because acrylic bathroom wall panels don't come with a tongue-and-groove option, they're better suited to small areas like walk-in shower cubicles.
  • PVC Bathroom Wall Panels
PVC bathroom wall panels tend to be the cheapest and can provide the greatest scope for a bathroom update. Thanks to their ability to be formed into rigid or flexible forms, they're ideal for shower walls.
  • Laminated MDF Bathroom Wall Panels
Often the thickest form of bathroom wall panel, laminated MDF panels also tend to be the heaviest. This gives a much more substantial and luxurious finish, which is reflected in the price.

Ensure A Good Surface For Your Bathroom Wall

To get the best finish, bathroom wall panels should ideally be installed on smooth, newly plastered and sealed walls. However, unlike tiles, bathroom wall panels are more forgiving on uneven surfaces so still look just as good.
We would suggest opting for a finish like the wood effect found in the Heritage collection or, if you're looking for a more contemporary finish, the geometric patterns of the Mermaid acrylic bathroom wall panel range.

Bathroom Wall Panel Sizes

Shower panels are generally available in either sheet-like panels or thin strips about the width of laminate flooring with a height of 2400mm. These panels sometimes have the option of a tongue-and-groove fixing or a square edge.
However, if you're planning on applying your waterproof bathroom wall panels to a larger surface area, a tongue-and-groove fixing makes installation faster and provides a smoother, more even and secure finish.

Bathroom Wall Panels Styles and Finishes

We have a whole host of styles and finishes to suit all tastes and budgets.
For period properties our Classic Collection of bathroom wall panels includes a range of timeless colours and textures, while the Linda Barker Collection features panels inspired by the natural world. This makes them perfect if you're looking to create a more minimalist and natural style, or if you're aiming for the Japandi style.
For those looking to make a statement, our acrylic Mermaid Collection is for you. Featuring patterned panels as well as bold bright and contemporary pastels, these waterproof bathroom wall panels are ideal for guest and family bathrooms.

Why Choose Bathroom Wall Panels

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing bathroom wall panels over traditional bathroom wall coverings.
Waterproof Qualities:
Unsurprisingly, bathroom wall panels are completely waterproof when installed correctly. This makes them ideal in busy family bathrooms as well as wet rooms.
Stylish Designs:
You'll be surprised by the sheer number of styles available. Bathroom wall panels aren't just practical, they're super stylish too. Whether your style is cool and contemporary or heritage-led, there's a design out there for you.
Low Maintenance:
We know that family life is busy, which is why bathroom wall panels are great. Because many of the designs are fitted using a tongue-and-groove system, they don't require masses of grouting between sheets to keep them waterproof. This makes them much easier to clean, and you're also less likely to need to regrout every few years because of visible mould.
Easy of Installation:
Thanks to their design, bathroom wall panels are easy to fit whether you opt for a tongue and groove or square edge design. The materials used are also easy to cut down to size, leaving minimal waste and using minimal time too!
Bathroom wall panels materials are extremely durable. Whether you choose MDF, acrylic, or PVC bathroom panels, they're designed to withstand bumps and scrapes.
Ultimately, bathroom wall panels are an extremely cost-effective way of transforming your bathroom. Guaranteed for at least 10 years, they're a great investment.
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