With more of us settling down to hybrid working, most of our self-care routines now happen in the home. However, if you’ve had to reduce your regular spa trips, there’s no reason why you should have to miss out on their benefits. Anyone with a bath at home can recreate a spa-like bath! Fortunately, it’s never been easier to turn your bath into a sanctuary and create your very own spa haven. Here we consider five simple home spa ideas to help you achieve a luxurious bath experience. So, why wait for those occasional spa visits when you can regularly take a spa bath in the comfort of your own bathroom?

How to Make a Spa-Bath at Home

1. Make Your Bath The Star Attraction

For that spa-like quality, your bath needs to be attractive and appealing. So, spend a little bit of time preparing that picture-perfect luxurious bath.
This is the time to go all out and add those favoured bubble bath choices, bath salts, bath oils, bath bombs, bath milk, and those essential oils that appeal to you the most. For that increased spa-like effect, why not add a few slices of fruit to your bath alongside a handful of flowers and herbs to give it that polished insta-worthy look?
Depending on what purpose you want to achieve from your spa bath, you can work with all these ingredients here to maximise the benefits. So, if you want to sleep better after your spa bath, work on adding lavender as your relaxing bath product.
If you need a pick-me-up, add those citrus-type products renowned for their zing. If you’re after relaxing bath soaks that soothe away aches and muscle pains, look to products containing Epsom salts.

2. Place Gorgeous Fragrant Candles Around the Bath

A must-have addition to any spa bath is that of several candles dotted around the bath. Not only do candles embrace the look and feel of a spa environment, but carefully selected candle choices also emit the scent of a spa.
By providing enhanced scents throughout the room, fragrant candles refresh, calm, and relax the body and the mind throughout your spa-bath experience. 
How you display your candles can also greatly improve your mood here. For this reason, selecting the most attractive looking and spa-like glasses, vases and holders will add an element of luxury to your spa bath.
What’s more, the colour of a candle can help match your mood and complement your bath time. For relaxing bath candles, choose warm reds, purples, and golds. For an invigorating bath, select those whites and creams like those you find in spas. And, for healing and soothing baths, try displaying more green and blue candles.

3. Create and Perform A Spa-Like Self-Care Routine

The first stage of your spa-like bath should be the work part, which is where you wash, clean, scrub, exfoliate and wrap using the most nourishing beauty products from your collection. 
It may be worth considering an attractive but practical wide or extendable bath tray to hold such essential items here. This means you’ll have all those essential spa treatments at home to hand when you need them.
Exfoliating your skin during a spa bath allows you to flush away toxins. A fabulous way to do this is using bath mitts, exfoliating brushes, and pads alongside scrubs, masks, and, of course, any DIY spa at-home treatments that make you feel pampered to perfection, head to toe.

4. Relax and Soak Up The Experience

With the exfoliating routine out of the way, all that's left is to lie back and relax, closing your eyes and allowing your spa bath water to soothe you. 
A bath pillow is essential here so you can move into the most comfortable position and let the oils, salt, and bubbles you've added here do the work. This is where you’ll begin to feel your skin softening and detoxing as all the toxins are released. This is especially important if you’ve been sitting in front of your desk all day.
This relaxing bath time is also the time to concentrate on your breathing, perhaps performing some deep breathing relaxation exercises.
Music played here may be a good idea to help you fully unwind, whether classical, nature, sounds of the sea, or the rainforest. Or, you may prefer to use that handy bath tray as a drinks holder and prop open a book or read your kindle on it as you soak in the tub.

5. Continue That Spa-Like Experience As You Step Out Of The Bath

Finally, how you get out of your spa-bath and the first thing you do here can make all the difference in prolonging that spa-like feeling a little longer.
To enhance your spa bath experience, add some spa-like bathroom accessories to your routine here. This includes having to hand fluffy towels that have been warmed on the rail or radiator. Also, step straight into a pair of fluffy, warm slippers and a warm, bright white robe like those they have at the spa. 
Then get cosy and smother yourself with a heavy-duty moisturiser, body oil, or body butter to lock in the moisture from your spa bath and replenish your skin. By now, you should be feeling more refreshed than ever.

Creating a Regular At-Home Spa Bath 

Hopefully, these bathroom ideas have shown you how easy it is to recreate a spa bath in your very own home. 
With many health benefits to be had by taking a regular bath, taking a spa bath once a week can greatly help your mental well-being, leaving you feeling and indeed looking fabulous in the process.
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