There's nothing better than wrapping yourself in a warm fluffy towel after a comforting bath or invigorating shower. And for those bathrooms that have heated towel rails fitted, this little slice of heaven is a recurring luxury both day and night!
Yet, what was once a bathroom luxury is now considered more a bathroom necessity. Gaining immensely in popularity, more homeowners are considering heated towel rails as standard when it comes to bathroom designs. 
Here The Bathroom Showroom continues with its short but informative series on the history of bathroom fixtures and fittings. This month we dive into the origins of the sought-after heated towel rail.

The Heated Towel Rail Is Derived from The Radiator

Unsurprisingly, the heated towel rail owes its design to the humble radiator! Creating the first early system of central heating, it was the Romans who provided the very first designs and suggestions for what we now refer to as radiators. Yet, it took until the 1920s for the heated towel rail to make its way into the domestic homes. 

1920s Heated Towel Rails Were Commonly Known as Bath Radiators 

In a period of sheer wealth and indulgence, the roaring twenties saw heated towel rails become luxury choices, but more so for the wealthier of folks. Making an appearance in grand hotels, mansions, and in the homes of movie stars, these bathroom fittings were most popular with those looking to showcase their obvious wealth rather than a heating solution for the masses! 

Mid-20th Century Saw Heated Towel Rails Enter Mainstream Bathrooms

It was to take several more decades until heated towel rails made their way into domestic homes. As technology began to evolve, such bathroom fixtures were now seen as bathroom necessities. And, as central heating became a more common installation process for many homes, more homeowners began to see the heated towel rail as an ingenious design modification on the bulkier radiators. 
What’s more, more people began to realise that drying out their towels on their bathroom radiators wasn't exactly a great idea for the health of both users and indeed the bathroom. So, the concept of adding a heated towel rail took on more relevance. Alongside looking fantastic in the room, heated towel rails could now play a role in aiding bathroom routines while promoting enhanced comfort for all those stepping in and out of the shower or bath each day.

Current Contemporary Heated Towel Rail Designs Are Stunning

Today, a heated towel is considered highly advantageous in any bathroom design. Whether installed in a small bathroom or large bathroom, these additional heat sources promote enhanced style while providing an ongoing supply of warm and dry bathroom towels.
The Bathroom Showroom sells a varied selection of many sizes, shapes, and uniquely designed heated towel rails. From straight to curved, and left or right-handed mounting, there’s a heated bathroom towel rail to suit everyone. 
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