Many people choose vinyl flooring for their bathroom floor choice. One of the softest of materials underfoot, vinyl flooring is fabulously water resistant. This flooring choice is also wonderfully durable, so it's little wonder why it’s so popular right now.
Yet, when it comes to keeping vinyl bathroom flooring clean, it’s also extremely easy to clean. But this does mean that you'll need to use the right product.
The Bathroom Showroom shows you how to clean vinyl bathroom flooring with care. Offering simple quick steps, we ensure you can keep your floor sparkling clean while taking care of it in the process.

Vinyl Flooring Requires Care When Cleaning  

Though vinyl flooring, like that from Multipanel, is robust and durable, it does require care when it comes to cleaning. Most importantly, it’s crucial to select the right product. Unfortunately, there are so many cleaning products that can damage vinyl flooring. Those products to steer clear of here include ammonia-based detergents. You should also avoid using wax or solvent-based abrasive cleaners.
Also, when prepping vinyl flooring for cleaning, you’ll need to ensure you take care with the tools you use here. This ensures you won't damage the ceramic bead layering that gives vinyl flooring its extra durable finishing. So, avoid using harsh, abrasive brushes, pads and cloths.

Easy Steps To Clean Vinyl Flooring with Care 

  • Sweep your bathroom floor with a super soft and gentle brush. Start at the edges of the room and sweep all the debris, dust, and dirt to the middle of the room. Make sure to concentrate on those areas around the toilet and other nooks and crannies where dust likes to accumulate. 
  • When you’ve gathered all this, take a damp paper towel and collect it all up to remove from the floor.
  • Make up a natural and gentle cleaning solution for your vinyl flooring. White vinegar is perfect for cleaning vinyl flooring when it's mixed with equal parts of warm water. So, take a couple of cups of white vinegar and mix it with the same number of cups of warm water. 
  • Soak a soft gentle cloth in this cleaning solution for a couple of minutes and then wring the cloth out.
  • Using this cloth, clean the bathroom floor from one side to the other, rinsing the cloth out regularly.
  • When you've finished, use an old large soft towel for drying. Place this down over your vinyl flooring and use it to dry the entire area. Work from the far end of the room to the door.

How Often Should You Clean Vinyl Flooring?

Using this gentle cleaning method you can effectively care for and clean your vinyl flooring once a week. This will keep your bathroom both looking and feeling fresh. More importantly, it will ensure your vinyl flooring remains in the best condition long term.
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