For a sparkling bathroom, cleaning once a week should keep it in tip-top condition. By keeping on top of this job, you’ll be able to get your bathroom cleaned quicker.
Cleaning the bathroom is a job many of us would prefer not to do. But, it’s possible to reduce this time if it's performed regularly.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom offers several quick tips to make this room sparkle. These bathroom ideas will leave you more time to relax and enjoy this room.

Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Quicker

  • Set Time Aside to Clean 
Firstly, set aside a specific time to clean when you won't be interrupted. Then, put on some music, set that timer, and go for it! Try to do this task when other members of the home are out or unlikely to keep disturbing you to use the room. 
  • Keep All Your Cleaning Items Together
Keep all the essential items you'll need for cleaning this room in a handy caddy/basket. This way, you won't waste time having to search for specific products. Add in your cloths, solutions, sprays, and other necessary cleaning materials, and always keep it topped up.
  • Section Your Bathroom Into Manageable Segments
Tackling this room can seem overwhelming, especially if you have a large bathroom. That’s why it makes sense to divide the room into manageable sections. For example, consider the room as four segments, bath/shower area, vanity area, toilet area, and floor area. This way, you’re less likely to become overwhelmed or forget tasks.
  • Start With the Toilet
Making the toilet a priority allows you to get the big cleaning job out of the way first. You can also give the toilet a long time to soak for a better clean. Use your toilet cleaner around the bowl, the pan, the rim of the toilet, and those harder to clean areas. Then soak your toilet brush in the same solution. Use the toilet brush to clean these areas before a final flush. 
  • Do a Quick Drain Flush
Quickly flush out your basin, shower, and bath drains each time you perform your weekly bathroom clean. Just a few sessions in the bathroom will see hair, lotions, toothpaste, and soap-remains forming in the drains. This means a lot of bacteria floating around this area. But, pouring just a simple small solution of soda and vinegar, after a quick check with the hands, will keep these areas clear.
  • Make Dusting Your Bathroom a Priority
A task many fail to do in the bathroom is to dust before cleaning. A chore often associated with other rooms in the home, dust also accumulates in bathrooms. Yet, because of our many white bathroom suites, it’s not that easily spotted. Begin with a feather duster, vacuum nozzle, or damp cloth and run them along all the surfaces, walls, and ceilings before using your cleaning solutions.
  • Gently Wipe Over All Surfaces
With a soft cloth, wipe over all your bathroom surfaces, section by section using a gentle cleaning solution. Work from the top down, leaving the solution on for a few minutes before wiping it over. Then dry carefully with a microfiber cloth to finish. This task should be doable with a cloth, rather than anything abrasive. Include here the basin, bath, shower, shower-head, tiles, and around the toilet area. 
  • Don’t Forget Those Mirrors and Screens
From toothpaste splatter to soap and watermarks, the glass surfaces in our bathroom get a lot of daily build-up. Again, a soft cloth with a gentle cleanser will work at removing such stains before rinsing and drying them out. Then you can continue to use a glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth to get the glass sparkling like new once more.
  • Make the Floor Your Last Chore
When you've completed all your cleaning tasks and are heading out of the door, don't forget the bathroom floor. A small gentle brush is ideal for collecting dust and dirt while getting into those harder-to-reach areas. Then once you've picked up this debris, mop with an appropriate floor cleaner to ensure the floor remains hygienic.

Clean Your Bathroom Fast and Effectively 

Once you get into the habit of cleaning your bathroom like this weekly, you’ll create a pattern that allows you to do the job quickly with fantastic results every time.
Meanwhile, you’ll free up time to do other things while enjoying a sparkling clean bathroom. 
For further bathroom inspiration, check out our Rest and Relaxation and Blog sections to help you make the most of this room.