Are you looking to create a new bathroom design but not sure how to get started? With so many spectacular bathroom suites, trends, and looks, it can seem overwhelming. But this doesn't have to be the case when you use a mood board.
An exciting way to get the best look and feel for your room, mood boards are perfect visualisation tools. A bathroom mood board will help you structure and organise those many thoughts and ideas. Ultimately, it will provide bathroom inspiration that you can work from when creating your dream bathroom.
Here, the Bathroom Showroom offers help and advice on creating a fabulous mood board when creating your dream bathroom.

What Are Mood Boards, and Why Do We Use Them?

Mood boards are visual places that house all your design ideas. They do this using a physical board or a digital mood board. The aim is to provide a creative surge of inspiration when planning a room. 
A bathroom mood board brings together all the elements by helping you focus. So, you can begin to get a clear idea of what your new bathroom could be.
A mood board allows you to organise your thoughts to suit your personality and preferences. You can add, take away, and change this board until you get that perfect look. 
With an active inspiration board such as this, you can keep referring back to it. This means you get the best choices before making any final bathroom decisions. 
  • Immersive Yourself in This Creative Activity and Get Inspired
You may be wondering what you put on a bathroom mood board. Anything and everything that fuels your passion for this room's design.
When developing a mood board, you spark, ignite, and open up a creative outlet. This is the place to let your imagination soar. 
So, ask yourself, what do you want to see in your dream bathroom design? Who are you, what do you want and need from this room? Most importantly, what would you like to see replicated in your bathroom?
Take time to check out blogs and websites, like those from The Bathroom Showroom. Scroll through the many designs on Pinterest for visual clarity. Make time to visit showrooms in-person to get a real-life feel for designs. 
Collect both digital and physical samples from several looks and styles. Nothing has to be specific to start. Just get all your ideas out of your head and onto that board.
  • Begin at the Centre of Your Design and Work Your Way Out
An easy and practical place to start your mood board is in the central part of your bathroom. You can then work out from this and around it, building up the layers as you go. 
For example, consider your bath the centre attraction of this room. The basin area could be your focal piece, or you may want to make a tiled wall your focus. With a central focus, you can include what's most important to you.
Put a reference piece in the middle of your mood board and layer it up with matching images. This allows you to steer your inspiration around this dominant piece. Here you can play with colours, fittings, fixtures, furniture, flooring, and tiles.
The rest of your bathroom design should fall into place and come together seamlessly. This will help you move forward with your bathroom designing process.
  • Experiment With Colour, Texture, and Accessories 
A mood board can be tweaked and changed non-stop before settling on final designs. So, you have fantastic freedom here to experiment before committing.
You may have dashes of colour in your bathroom and need a new colour scheme to work with these. You could be considering adding colour for the first time but need a clear vision of what this would look like.
Developing colour schemes here is crucial as colour can change the entire mood of a room. So, play around with as many variations, combinations, tones, and accent colours as you can.
Also, your mood board is a fabulous place to start collating your material choices. The texture of fixtures, fittings, and accessories is important when designing a bathroom. The surfaces of bathroom furniture, tiles, and even rugs can all play a part in shaping the room. Selecting the right choices here will ensure this space flows effortlessly.

Use Your Mood Board Design to Achieve the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Whether revamping your bathroom or creating a brand-new one, a mood board can help you achieve your goal. A test design tool, it offers tremendous scope to help you find that perfect bathroom.
For further mood boards, take a look at our Pinterest account with its spectacular collection of bathroom ideas. For more bathroom ideas and bathroom inspiration, take a look at our Rest and Relaxation and Bathroom Blog sections.