There's nothing like the comforting feel of soft fluffy bath towels as you step out of the bath or shower. The best bathroom towels work hard to absorb moisture while protecting and soothing our skin. However, bathroom towels need regular laundering for optimal health and freshness. So, how do you keep towels soft, fluffy, and feeling as good as new after repeated use? The Bathroom Showroom has some quick tips to keep your bathroom towels looking and feeling spa-like.

How to Look After Your Bathroom Towels 

  • When buying new bathroom towels, consider them an investment and opt for the best quality ones you can afford. Those premium cotton bath towels, Egyptian cotton and Rayon are good long-term choices. Choosing good quality bath towels that last means more absorbent, soft, and durable choices. 
  • Before placing your towels into the washing machine, give them a good shake. This will open all the towel fibres for washing and help achieve that softer feel. 
  • Try to wash all towels together. By keeping your bath towels separate from your other washing, you also reduce lint transfer from those fabrics. Separating colours here will also help avoid any colour runs, protecting those white bath towels.
  • Don't overcrowd your washing machine. This will ensure space for your towels to move around freely. Such material needs to be able to breathe and then rinse properly. Work on small to medium bath towel loads when filling the machine. This way you eliminate clumpy, stiff, and scratchy towels. 
  • Aim for a regular medium heat temperature. Though some people wash bath towels at the highest temperature, it can damage them long-term. This is especially so with cotton towels. 30 to 40 degrees is the best temperature for ensuring your bath towels are cared for. This will also work to rid towels from most of the bacteria present on them. 
  • Use a normal washing cycle when washing bathroom towels. This should ensure a maximum clean and a drier towel after the long spin. Getting the balance right will protect your towels for longer. Check the labels on each towel for guidance.
  • Ensure the laundry detergent you use is a high-quality choice and do not overfill here. Using the exact dosage on the bottle ensures a thorough clean with no leftover residue. Though it's tempting to add more detergent, that excess has nowhere to go. Ultimately, it ends up as residue in the fibres of your towels. This is why you may find your towels scratchy. 
  • Don't overload on fabric softener. Using a small amount of fabric softener every couple of washes should be enough to keep them smelling fresh. Less will also protect your towels' suppleness. A little goes a very long way here!
  • Drying towels in a dryer provides maximum fluffiness to them after washing. When your washing cycle has finished, remove your towels and shake them to plump them up. Then dry to the guidelines on the towels instructions. Using a dryer helps increase the effectiveness of towel fibres. 
  • If you air dry your towels, stay away from radiators. Draping bath towels straight over these can increase that rough, scratchy feel. It also encourages a cardboard effect. Shake your towels straight from the machine and line dry them for a fluffier result. 
  • Finally, ensure that your towels are dry before folding them to store away. Better still, if you can, use a towel rail, like the iflo Milos. This is a fabulous convenient storage method. Plus, you can display your freshly laundered soft fluffy towels with pride in the bathroom!

Make the Most Of Your Bathroom With Gorgeously Laundered Bath Towels

With just a little TLC, it’s incredibly easy to keep your bathroom towels looking and feeling ultra-soft and fluffy.
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