When it comes to providing the ultimate protection, sealing around a bath helps prevent leaking water and consequent damage. As one of the biggest bathroom fixtures, this is a task that’s crucial to maintaining your bath and the surrounding area long term.
The Bathroom Showroom shows you how simple and quick this DIY job is, providing you with the most straightforward method on how to seal around your bath with ease. This way you can remain confident of both protecting this area and ensuring a clear, clean finish.

Why Do I Need to Seal My Bath?

Using a bath sealant you can seal the gap between the bathtub and tiles on your bathroom wall that would otherwise remain exposed to the elements. Ensuring a protective coating, the silicone used here will seal the gap completely, preventing any water from seeping into this area. This means no leaks and no water forming underneath the tub, thus preventing any mould from developing in this area of your bathroom.
Ultimately, sealing around your bath ensures your bath and indeed bathroom remain in good condition for longer and the immediate environment remains healthy for all users. And, if that wasn’t enough, adding a fresh new coat of sealant can instantly refresh this area and encourage a neater cleaner look.

What Should I Use to Seal My Bathtub?

Fortunately, you only need a few simple tools to get this job done, including:

What Is the Best Way to Seal Around a Bath?

  • Before you start to seal around your bath, make sure that the entire area you’ll be working on is clean and clear. Take a clean soft cloth and wipe away any dirt and dust, then dry the area completely.
  • Put the plug into your bath and fill it up with water. This will ensure that your bath is weighed down before you start. By doing this, you ensure that when someone uses the bath after this, the sealant won't stretch or pull away from the tiles. 
  • Using your masking tape, place a long strip all along the bottom edge of your tiles just above the bath. This will create a neat edge for your sealant. 
  • Put on your latex gloves to ensure your hands are protected.
  • Taking the sealant tube, cut off the top with your Stanley knife. This should be at the tip and with a width that is slightly larger than the gap between your bath and the tiles. This will allow you to get into the area and ensure you seal the entire section off. 
  • Place your sealant tube into the sealant gun and gently squeeze the trigger to apply the sealant along the joint. When doing this, move along gradually, making sure to dispense an even amount of sealant as you do. 
  • When you’ve finished using the sealant, take your finishing tool and use it to smooth out the sealant gently and evenly along the joint. This will ensure that you’ve created a consistent depth of sealant and provide the perfect visual finish too. 
  • When you're happy with this, very carefully remove the masking tape from the area, making sure not to remove any of the sealant with it. 
  • For the best results, leave the sealant to dry for 24 hours, and then empty the bath water.

Extend Your Bath’s Life by Sealing Around It

Though a simple task, when you seal around your bath you ensure you protect both the bath and the immediate environment for many years to come. When you’ve invested in a beautiful bath tub, it’s worth taking just a few minutes to complete this DIY task for continued peace of mind. That way you get to enjoy your well-deserved dream bathroom for longer.
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