For many of us, our bathroom is a sanctuary, an oasis, a room in the home where we go to unwind after a long hard day. So, whether it’s a nice long soak in the bath, an invigorating spa-like shower, or a space for performing self-care rituals, creating a calming environment is hugely beneficial in this room.
Yet, if your bathroom wall colour scheme is loud, then trying to find some tranquillity in this room can make relaxing difficult! Using the right colour in your bathroom decor can make all the difference when creating a beautiful space that is perfect for unwinding.
Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we offer some bathroom inspiration with expert advice on the best calming bathroom paint colours to use on the walls in this room.

How the Use of Colour Affects our Mood

Firstly, it’s worth considering the power that colours have when we use them to influence our moods. 
Light colours generally encourage a sense of calmness and add a softness to the bathroom. Keeping the tone gentle and mellow, light colour choices are peaceful.
Darker colour choices are more vibrant and create a busy environment. Stimulating the room, as beautiful as they are, darker and brighter colours in a bathroom can have the opposite effect of calmness, working to energise the room. 
When adding colour to your bathroom walls, your choice may well be decided by the size of your bathroom. Those with larger bathrooms can afford to play around with colour. This is because large bathrooms are more open. Smaller bathrooms, and those bathrooms with less natural light, need to be careful with their colour choice to make sure it doesn’t reduce the size of the room further.

What Is the Most Relaxing Colour for a Bathroom?

Several popular bathroom colours and bathroom colour schemes work fabulously when creating a calm bathroom environment. These include cream, blue, green, and yellow. By making these colours prominent on your bathroom walls, you can create the ultimate relaxing bathroom experience and a room that you can truly unwind in after a long day.


Though so many people instantly choose white for their walls in a bathroom, the result depends on the actual shade of white you select. Those whites that are very bright can make a bathroom appear clinical. Therefore they have the opposite effect of calming, with some people even feeling stressed out at such associations.
A cream wall colour can combat this problem entirely as it offers a slightly warm tone on a white variation. The result is a luxurious clean but ultimately inviting colour choice which promotes renewal. 
If you have a very small bathroom, cream works on both opening it up while adding that sense of calm and comfort to it. If your bathroom is large, you can also use cream as a means of balancing out darker-coloured walls. 


Considered an extremely popular colour choice for bathroom walls, blue provides a pleasant association with clear blue seas and blue skies. For this reason, it’s a thoroughly calming and warm colour. 
For smaller bathrooms, keeping the blue a light choice, like light sky blue or light pastel blue, works wonders as it opens up the space and makes for a soothing retreat. Here you can make a soft blue choice work with natural finishing touches. 
For medium-sized bathrooms, try taking the blue a little deeper and selecting a refreshing colour here, like Cerulean blue. 
Furthermore, those larger bathrooms may find that darker blue wall shades, such as navy, work better here as they contrast fabulously with white bathroom suites. Cleverly using lighting to highlight dark blue areas also creates a sense of luxury mixed with calmness in a large-sized bathroom.


Like the colour blue, using green in the bathroom adds fabulous connotations of nature. Green captures that outdoor feeling and being at one with the natural world. What’s more, by using green on bathroom walls, you immediately add what is considered a rejuvenating and centering colour. So, this colour emphasises a real sense of calm, helping you ground yourself before a busy day and wind down before bedtime. 
Pale mint and mint green are ideal for small bathrooms. Yet, smaller rooms can also get away with darker green colours by adding dashes of cream for a crisp, clean, and calm finish. Larger bathrooms can even further enhance that calming ambience with greens, from sage to emerald, by adding touches of black for maximum effect.


With connotations of the sun, yellow can add a warm feel to a bathroom and create an instant calming environment in the process. 
Emulating as much warm sunshine through this colour, yellow is yet another fantastic nature-inspired choice. Using yellow on bathroom walls radiates positivity, is uplifting, and, most importantly, makes us feel good. So, when using it to create a calm bathroom environment, it helps make us feel at ease and grounded in our surroundings. 
Small bathrooms need to be sure they don’t create a sense of confinement with too much yellow. This can be done by adding dashes or a subtle light lemon shade or using it in conjunction with the colour cream. 
In larger bathrooms, using it on main statement walls and selecting a bright but natural colour choice, such as a Tuscan sun yellow, prevents it from becoming too overpowering.

Relaxing Colour Schemes Can Help Create a Fantastic Calming Bathroom

By selecting the best calm colours for your bathroom walls, you can instantly add an element of tranquillity to this room. 
If you aren't quite ready to experiment with wall colour just yet, you can always look towards adding this colour into a bath set or your bathroom accessories to start.
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