As a parent, creating the best bath and bedtime routine for your child is important for everyone in the home. A relaxing bath routine can end the day well and help all family members get a good night's sleep! Yet, for some parents, the mere mention of bath time is enough to send those stress levels soaring through the roof! Fortunately, bath times for small children need not be stressful time. At The Bathroom Showroom, we believe that implementing a consistent bath time routine and having the best bathroom environment makes all the difference to family life.

Tip 1: Get Your Bathroom Bath-Ready Beforehand

Preparation is the key to a successful bath time where kids are involved. By being organised you can create a calm environment whereby everything you need is on hand, and both you and the kids remain calm throughout.
While you begin running the bath, use this time to ensure you have everything ready, including towels, bath mats, soaps, lotion, pyjamas and nappies, if used. You can also get your little ones involved here by encouraging them to check things off the list ready for their bath.

Tip 2: Keep the Bath Time and Structure Consistent

Children thrive on routine, and if they know what to expect, they’re more likely to comply when it comes to their bath time sessions. So, make sure to keep their baths at the same time every night. 
It’s also equally important here to keep to the same pattern and format during these bath times. If a bath time routine remains consistent, children will feel encouraged to do some of the activities themselves, thus gaining independence. Keeping to the same format each night also reduces the risk of tantrums in young children.
Keep and use a kid’s visual countdown timer in your bathroom. This works as a fun clock face they can see and work from, knowing what they should be doing and when. It also tells them when the wash, play and wind-down sections are throughout their bath time. A timer like this helps tell children when the end of their bath is near and when to get out.

Tip 3: Provide Distractions That Are Fun but Also Calming

A bath can be filled with several items that will keep your young ones happy and help calm them down before bedtime. Though you want your child to have fun, too much splashing around here risks them getting too wound up, having the opposite effect of what you want when they step out of the bath.
There are so many fun bath toys that can also aid the learning process. From jugs, bottles, cups, shapes, and funnels for measuring, to letters and numbers that stick to the bath to create words and numbers. Bath crayons can encourage artistic minds, while bubble makers can keep little ones amused for some time.
Music played here, through Bluetooth, or even audiobooks can provide regular storytime sessions, rhymes, or singing. Better still, a light that controls both music and light, such as the Hib Ceiling Light, allows you to dim this room slightly towards the end of bathtime to signal bedtime.

Tip 4: Create the Best Design for Your Family Bathroom

Ultimately, anything you can do in this room to create a positive association with bathing will pay off long-term. So it's worth getting the design right early on here and making the entire bathroom area a kid-friendly one. This makes family life much easier, ensuring bath times are enjoyable not just for little ones but for adults too.
Improvements can range from hanging several mesh bags around the bath area for toy storage to installing a bath screen to protect your flooring.
Waterproof panels, like those from the Heritage Collection, are low maintenance but quick and easy to install. These will work hard to protect your bathroom.
Easy access storage solutions also offer a place to keep and store all the items you’ll need to hand for bath time sessions.
Finally, a chair or seating solution installed in your bathroom will allow you to sit comfortably when supervising your little ones throughout their bath time sessions.
If you’re looking to create a family bathroom that works with small children, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.
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