The striking minimalism of Scandinavia has been a key look for the past few years, but now we're seeing it combined with the effortless understatement of Japan for a fusion of East meets West in the latest style – Japandi. Combining natural materials with warm tones, it's the perfect style for any bathroom. We’ll show you how you can create this effortless aesthetic and which of our fabulous products can bring the whole scheme together.

Colour Palette

The key to the Japandi style is the muted colour palette, featuring dusty greys warmed up with soft pinks and sumptuous indigos. You can introduce these colours into your bathroom with our wood effect or grey wall panels and add soft pink accessories to create a more luxe look.
For real impact, customise your iflo Rhea cabinetry with indigo blue for a statement-making piece. But remember to keep everything else muted for a serene bathroom experience.

Black accents

Influenced by traditional Japanese art, you'll find the Japandi style incorporates clean black lines. Easily inject these subtle black accents with the Merlyn Forte shower enclosure and Methven Aurajet showerhead for a contemporary and luxurious addition.
Black bathmats, towels, and black-and-white images on a gallery wall can also add to the scheme and help make the overall look feel less gimmicky and more fashion-forward.

Keep it minimal

The key to Japandi interior design is to keep it minimal. With family life comes busy family bathrooms, and this is where storage is key. Consider installing combination toilet units from the iflo Rhea range, and column cabinets that are both elegant and effective. Designed to fit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, they’re a must for busy bathrooms.
Using woven baskets to store spare towels, toilet rolls, bath toys and toiletries is an easy way to add extra storage without compromising on the Japandi style. And for a uniform and sophisticated finish, decant your shampoo, conditioner and other lotions and potions into glass apothecary bottles.

Inject nature

Natural fibres and sustainable materials are the embodiment of any Japandi interior scheme. When searching for decorative pieces for your Japandi-style bathroom, look towards indoor plants. However, instead of colourful flower displays, go for the simple deep greenery of a houseplant in an understated terracotta pot or elegant vase.
If you have the space, a large dragon plant is perfect in a shady corner. Pot one up in an indigo or blush pink pot to tie it into the scheme. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, trailing ivy or aloe vera is great on a windowsill or open shelving.
For those looking to inject a bit of a spa feel into their Japandi interior, tying a bunch of eucalyptus around the showerhead will infuse the bathroom with eucalyptus oil to help you breathe easy.

Add texture

While the base of the bathroom should be kept clean and minimal, bringing in textures will add another dimension to the scheme. We love the soft curves of the Roca Virginia bath, and when paired with a patterned natural fibre bathmat the whole scheme is brought to life.
Of course, who can resist oversized fluffy bath sheets to add a touch of texture and a spot of sumptuousness to your bathtime routine?
Adding texture can also be about introducing the idea of texture. We love combining our acrylic wall tiles with our wood-effect floor tiles. Combining these two different patterns helps create the effect of texture.

Trust The Bathroom Showroom with your Japandi interior

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