A Multifunctional bathroom design is all about making the very best of the space available in this room. Yet, it’s also about ensuring the design stays fresh, on-trend, and complementary to that most effortless look via the fixtures and fittings added here. 
Multifunctional bathrooms are designed to suit the needs of the user by reconfiguring the shower and bath areas to create practical and convenient usable dual spaces.

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Start your Multifunctional bathroom design by eliminating that cramped bathtub or out-of-date shower cubicle with a wet room, walk-in shower space, or corner shower. The Ultimate Wetroom Panel from Kudos, with its toughened glass and LifeShield protective coating, is a sturdy addition to a busy functional bathroom that demands less cleaning time. Better still, with its side panels and wall post kit, the Kudo is suitable for both tray or wet room installation.
If you’re not quite ready to give up the bath or the shower just yet, why not try a compromise with a showerbath, like that of the iflo Rennes EVO. With a matching bath screen available this is the ultimate in practicality and makes the perfect functioning dual space in a busy bathroom.
Additionally, a wall-hung toilet like that from the iflo Rhea collection creates a streamlined area that not only increases the space but also allows light to flow through uninterrupted, and cuts cleaning time. 
Continuing with those superb lines and sealed edges, wall-hung storage solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and immensely practical in a multifunctional bathroom design. Offering clearance underneath these units, they can be further utilised for practicality while remaining easy-wipe surfaces.
By streamlining your main bathroom fixtures, you create endless possibilities in this bathroom design for showcasing stunning furnishings. So, look to vibrant tiles, like South Bank for your walls, to combine depth with contemporary colour, or Sadie tiles that are classical encaustic patterned on-trend choices with a dash of colour to transform your bathroom floor.

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Want to create an effortless Multifunctional look in your own home? Then, visit one of our showrooms where our in-house designers can create a free 3D render of your dream scheme. Alternatively, you can download our latest brochure today and discover the joy of Multifunctional.