If your style is modern minimalist, then choosing the best modern bathroom taps will add the perfect finishing touches to this neatly styled room. A modern minimalist bathroom offers fantastic opportunities for selecting the most inspiring tap choices. Boasting sleek, clean, and precise lines with shiny, luxurious finishings, modern style bathroom taps perfectly complement this on-trend decor while making a design statement. At The Bathroom Showroom, we like to offer fabulous bathroom inspiration. So, to make it easier for you when choosing bathroom taps, here we showcase no less than 10 of the best taps.

10 Taps for Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

1. iflo Pia

The iflo Pia is a straightforward tap design that is a smaller format but equally as impressive.
Ideal for those smaller modern minimalist bathrooms, these taps have a solid brass construction. They also boast a chrome coating, ensuring a charming feature with an exceptionally durable finishing.
iflo Pia bathroom taps also carry the Easy Living mark. This highlights a safer and easier product for everyone using it.

2. Bristan Frenzy

The Bristan Frenzy is a visually delightful bathroom tap choice that works well in modern minimalist bathroom decor. This is largely due to its stunning rounded design.
This sleek modern design boasts a solid construction consisting of a metal fishing nut and a long-life ceramic cartridge. Therefore, this is a durable tap design and one that is easy to use.
With flexible tails included, the Bristan Frenzy emits a clean and flawless look, making this a tap that fits perfectly in a modern minimalist bathroom.

3. Ideal Standard Tesi

The iflo Standard Tesi brings a wonderful touch of elegance into a modern minimalist bathroom. This bathroom tap choice combines geometric lines alongside round and angular shapes.
Finished in chrome-plated metal, this tap benefits from a maximum temperature limiter, a ceramic disc cartridge, and a fitted flow regulator. Complete with flexible tails, this is also an Easy Fix tap choice, making it a simple installation.
A thoroughly modern bathroom tap choice, the iflo Standard Tesi works well at matching and complementing many styles of bathroom suites.

4. iflo Astria

The iflo Astria works extra hard to make an impact in any modern minimalist bathroom style. This is largely thanks to its design of clean straight lines, and impressive square angles to finish.
Made of solid brass, this tap choice is finished with an exceptional chrome coating. This makes for both a remarkable and long-lasting finish.
The iflo Astria also benefits immensely from lever-style handles, making them simple to operate.
Most impressively, the iflo Astria has an eco-click water-saving basin mixer, making this a fabulous tap choice for all modern minimalist bathroom decors.

5. Bristan Corvina

The Bristan Corvina is an ideal modern minimalist bathroom tap choice. This is all thanks to its sleek and stylish design.
Boasting a stunning curvaceous shape, this tap showcases sharp lines and gorgeous curves.
Complete with a sleek handle feature, the result is a smooth and most accurate control of flow.
Furthermore, the Bristan Corvina makes use of ceramic disk technology. This ensures it’s a durable tap choice as the life of the tap is prolonged.
With a high shine and chrome plating finishing, this designer-looking tap choice brings a touch of elegance to modern minimalist decors.

6. Roca Escuadra

The Roca Escuadra is a smooth modern tap choice inspired by urban design. This makes it perfect for modern minimalist bathrooms as it showcases stunning straight lines.
With ceramic disc technology, this tap allows for greater precision when adjusting the temperature.
Equipped with a Cold Start and a SoftTurn feature, the Roca Escuadra bathroom tap is finished with a fabulous Evershine finish. This makes it an impressive feature for modern minimalist decor.

7. Bristan Avesso

The Bristan Avesso is a charming modern tap choice that radiates a clean and neat look.
This range features hard-wearing taps that last for years due to their exceptional quality design. They’re also the more contemporary-looking taps that showcase a minimalist design.
What’s more, Bristan Avesso taps are finished in an amazing luminance chrome. This means they offer a flawless look. This ambitious design makes them ideal choices for modern bathroom decor.

8. Abode Harmonie

The Abode Harmonie tap offers a simple stunning minimalist look that works wonderfully in any modern bathroom design.
This tap choice is effortless to control, benefiting from a single lever action. This is also the most diverse tap offering low-pressure functionality, consisting of some of the highest specification components.
However, the most impressive feature of the Abode Harmonie tap has to be that glorious superior Italian finishing. With a charming elegance, this is a perfect choice for modern, minimalist bathrooms.
Available in chrome or an on-trend matt black finish, these taps would work perfectly in a matt black bathroom decor.

9. Crosswater Zero 2

The Crosswater Zero 2 has a delightful chrome finishing and a unique round-bodied contemporary shape. This gives it a touch of luxe, ensuring it fits perfectly in a modern minimalist bathroom.
This bathroom tap comes complete with a quality cartridge, Flexi Tales for easy installation, and high-quality brass components. It is also operated simply via a single handle.
With its aerodynamic style, the Crosswater Zero 2 is a thoroughly durable tap and provides exceptional performance quality.

10. Abode Zeal

The Abode Zeal is a tap that boasts strong, clean, sharp design lines. This means it’s an impressive tap choice when considering modern bathroom ideas.
This is the bathroom tap that highlights a sharp minimalist design through perfect symmetry.
A most stylish range of bathroom tap choices, the Abode Zeal delivers on high specification components. With a single lever handle, it’s also effortless to control.
Including chrome plated brass fittings, this tap also has a superior hand-polished chrome finishing. Therefore, the result is a richer finish and one that lends perfectly to a modern minimalist bathroom.

Quality Bathroom Taps for a Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Combining sleekness and precision throughout their designs, the best modern tap choices work wonders in a modern minimalist bathroom style.
Why not look at our bathroom taps buying guide for further bathroom inspiration?
Whether adding the finishing touches or making a statement in this room, here at The Bathroom Showroom, we have a modern tap choice to suit all tastes. Book an appointment with your local Showroom or our virtual team to find out how we can make your dream bathroom a reality.