If you’re looking for more storage space in your bathroom, then bathroom drawers provide fantastic solutions. An essential part of any bathroom design, drawer units work to keep your bathroom clutter-free. These fantastic storage solutions provide enhanced functionality for all users. 
From promoting a tidy room to increasing storage space, there's a variety of styles and finishes. So, bathroom drawer units can lend a fresh look to any bathroom design.
The Bathroom Showroom discusses how to select the best bathroom drawer units for your space.

What Bathroom Drawers Are Best for the Bathroom?

Before you purchase bathroom drawer units, it's worth considering a few points. Drawer units in the bathroom can help you organise this space, encourage all members of the home to put things away in their right place, allow you to easily retrieve items, make the room look neat, and offer an additional unique look to your current décor. But, whether standing out or complementing your current design, choices here need to work to your circumstances.
  • What space do you currently have to fit new bathroom drawers in? Make sure you have enough space in your room to fit these units. Will they be a standalone furniture choice or will they have to fit into current bathroom furniture? Take note of the height of your choice as some drawer units are taller than others. It’s also worth measuring the area you’re looking to fit first to get an idea of the size of space available to you.
  • What are you looking to primarily use the drawer units for? Bathroom drawers can help you store a variety of items and products. Yet with so many varied styles available, not all will be suitable for your home's needs. So, think beforehand about what you want to be able to put into these drawers, what you’re looking to keep in this room, and how the drawer you're considering will help you store such items.
  • Are you looking for a specific style? As most bathroom suites will offer accompanying bathroom furniture in the form of drawer units, you may want to keep them in unison with your current style. Or, you may well want to break up the room and boost your décor here by adding a style that’s different from what you have already. With such a wide choice of styles and colours to choose from, it’s worth browsing the many options to find the best style for you.
  • Are you considering the best material for this environment? Typically bathroom drawer units are made from wood, plastic, or metal. Wood is the most common choice for bathroom furniture such as drawer units. However, when you purchase from a reputable bathroom showroom, this wood will be treated specially to cope with the high levels of moisture present in this room. So, make sure when selecting bathroom drawers the materials used to construct them can withstand this environment.

Optimise Bathroom Storage and Organisation With Fabulous-Looking Drawer Units

The Bathroom Showroom proudly presents some of the most fantastic options for bathroom drawer units with ranges including Roca, Ideal Standard, and VitrA to name a few. 
Roca showcases some unique and spectacular drawer units over several of their furniture ranges including the Domi, Victoria-N, Lander, and New Victoria Collection. Featuring a variety of benefits these units offer central modern handles, soft and self-close drawers, top drawers with organisers, and deeper bottom drawers for bottle storage.
Ideal Standard
Ideal Standard boasts amazing stunning lines in their drawer units from the Strada II and Philosophy bathroom furniture collections. With integrated handles and soft-closing drawers these compact solutions are perfect for the home yet replicate all the luxury of a first-class hotel design.
The VitrA Root Collection presents a selection of first-class bathroom drawer units. With each design finished in a super high glossiness, these choices are scratch resistant, provide a choice of chrome handle colours, are soft closing, and most importantly constructed using 100% recycled plastic for increased sustainability. 

Keep Your Bathroom Tidy, Clutter-Free, and Looking Great 

Drawer units are not only an attractive addition to any bathroom, but they’re also highly functional. Ultimately, choosing the right one for your bathroom will help boost your storage capacity, make your bathroom more organised and functional, and lend a stylish finish to your overall design. This will ensure you can make better use of your space long-term and create a room that can be accessed with ease and enjoyed by everyone.
If you’re considering adding bathroom drawer units, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.