As a room used throughout the day, many of us will store a selection of items in the bathroom. Having essential products to hand in this room makes getting ready here quicker. This is especially so if you’re trying to get out the door each morning on time, or have several household members using this space simultaneously!
Yet, by accumulating so many items in our bathroom, we may well be keeping things in here that shouldn't be stored in such an environment. As the bathroom is a high-moisture and high-humidity space, we could be doing more harm than good by storing specific items here. 
But, fear not, for The Bathroom Showroom has a quick handy guide on what to store and what not to store in your bathroom.

What Should I Keep in the Bathroom?

First things first, let's consider what you should be keeping in the bathroom. There are several products that are undeniably bathroom-friendly. These are often the items that are only used in this room- therefore it makes sense to have them to hand.
  • Toiletries
From toothpaste to toothbrushes, and mouthwash to floss, these will be the things that are kept as close to the basin as possible for ease of access. Such toiletries needed to hand may also include facial wash, moisturisers, and even contact solutions. 
Many people like to store these products in the space under the basin. This is certainly a good idea when it comes to toothbrushes. A closed cabinet is a more sanitary space to keep your toothbrushes. This way they don't retain any of the moisture from the bathroom and are free from bathroom germs.
  • Shower and Bath Supplies
Whether in and around the bath or shower area products such as shampoo, shower gel, soap, conditioner, and body wash should all ideally be easy to reach for when showering or bathing. These are also items specifically packaged to withstand being out for long periods in the bathroom environment.

Where Do You Put Toilet Paper in the Bathroom?

Another bathroom essential often kept in this room, it’s worth storing toilet paper under your basin or in a bathroom cupboard. Many people like to keep such supplies out in baskets. Yet, once again, as this is a moisture-rich environment, having spare toilet rolls out runs the risk of them becoming soggy and unusable. 
Not only that, not many people like seeing a supply of toilet rolls out on display, after all their hard work of creating a dream bathroom! Consider stashing a few rolls away but in a designated place where everyone can access them when needed.

Should Towels Be Stored in the Bathroom?

Yet another essential bathroom item, we all need swift access to towels when using this room. Yet, it's where these towels are stored after use that can become problematic for many. Having damp towels, linen, and robes out permanently in the bathroom is only advisable if you've got a heated towel rail to place them on. Otherwise, you run the risk of encouraging a breeding ground for moisture and ultimately mould. 
This also goes for dry fresh towels that absorb the moisture in the air each time someone uses this room. So, for additional supplies of towels, store them in a bathroom cupboard where they will remain dry. Then once you've used them, place them on the heated towel rail or remove them for washing straight away.

What Not To Keep in the Bathroom?

Unfortunately, several everyday items shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom. This is simply because of the high-humidity of this space. Such items include:
  • Medicine
Many bathroom suites have a practical cabinet above the basin area. Yet, it's not advisable to use this as a medicine cabinet.  Medicine should always be stored away from the bathroom area as the heat and humidity can affect many prescriptions. This is especially so for those that come with instructions to keep them in a cool dry place. 
  • Electrical equipment that isn't waterproof
Many people like to take their phones into the bathroom when they shower to play music or podcasts, or simply listen to the news. But, the possibilities of them getting damaged along with the danger of charging your phone in this room are rife. 
A better way to listen to music when showering or bathing is to invest in a solution that's designed for this room. The Hib Rhythm is a fantastic light choice that you can Bluetooth to, ensuring no accidents. 
  • Makeup items, razors, and jewellery
Finally, many of us are guilty of storing extra razors in the bathroom along with odd makeup items and even pieces of jewellery. Believing it’s a good idea to have them on hand when getting ready in the morning, these kinds of items don't fare well in a damp environment. Makeup and nail polish need to be stored at room temperature. With fluctuating changing temperatures in a bathroom, such items' shelf life is greatly reduced. As for razors, yet again, these will rust quickly when exposed to ongoing steam, and humidity. Finally, jewellery items can tarnish faster due to the humidity levels of this room.

Keep Your Bathroom Items Safe And Store Them Correctly

By being aware of what you should and shouldn’t store in your bathroom space, you can be sure of creating a safe, clear, and organised bathroom that all members of the home can continue to enjoy. Ultimately, you ensure that all your products and items used in this room have a longer shelf life and work effectively long-term. 
If you’re considering adding more bathroom storage, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality. For further bathroom ideas and bathroom inspiration, take a look at our Rest & Relaxation Blog section.