For many, one of the most disorganised areas in the bathroom is the space under the basin. This area is often forgotten due to being out of sight. Yet, because of this, it can also become out of control very quickly.
The Bathroom Showroom offers quick but helpful bathroom ideas to reclaim that space under your basin. With simple, manageable tips, you can have this area back under control in no time.

Start With a Good Clear-Out

First things first, before any organisation can begin in this area, a good clear-out may be necessary. This is especially so if your units are overflowing with stuff. It's also good if you’ve no clear idea of just what’s in this space.
The best method for managing under basin space is to start as you mean to go on. So devote a little time to this task and:
  • Take out everything from the unit
  • Clean the area by wiping over it with a damp cloth
  • Check the dates on relevant products 
  • Get rid of anything that you don't need or that doesn't belong
  • Keep the items to one side that you want to put back in
  • Wipe over these items with a damp cloth

Section Those Items You Want to Keep

Many of us regularly encounter clutter, chaos, and mess under the basin. So, before you begin placing items back here, take a few minutes to section them off into groups. 
Typically, there’s usually two sections of stuff in most under basin units. These include items belonging to cleaning and those belonging to self-care. By grouping products, you can see what you have and what needs refilling. 
This way you'll see if there are products that you just won't get around to using. You may decide to get rid of them at this stage. Or, you may find some items that aren't bathroom-related and need storing elsewhere. 
The most common and popular items to keep here include:
  • Cleaning items for the room - Toilet cleaner, surface cleaners, drain cleaners, glass cleaners, and cloths.
  • Spare toiletries - Often the infrequently used items we don't want out on show all the time. Includes hand wash, shower gel, bubble bath, lotions, and dental items. 
  • Self-care products - Including menstrual items that can be stored away but easily accessed when needed.
  • Spare toilet paper - Ideal for storing here ready for refilling while preventing it from getting damp.
  • Extra towels, bath mats, and cloths - Regularly used bathroom items that are easily located by everyone. Can be replaced and kept out of the way until needed. 

Find a Suitable Under Basin Storage Organiser

When it comes to choosing storage solutions to fit in this space - not one size fits all. So, the idea is to go with what works for you personally here. Several types of products can help create organisation here, including:
  • Under basin expandable organisers
  • Under basin pull out / sliding organisers
  • Clear trays
  • Caddies
  • Baskets
  • Pots
  • Tupperware
  • Inside door baskets
  • Floating door shelves
  • Stackable drawers
  • Lazy Susan’s
  • Shelf inserts / shelf risers
  • Hooks
  • Drawer organisers (like those from the iflo Serino range)

Create a Simple System

Finally, by now you'll have spent some time clearing, cleaning, and reorganising this space. So, you'll want to ensure that it remains tidy and organised for some time. One way to do this is to implement an under basin space storage system.
This could include labelling your containers so you no longer have to rummage around to find what you need. It could be using a first-in, first-out method. It might be keeping the items you use the most on the top shelves with those less used on the bottom. You may even want to write and pin a list to the inside of your units as a bathroom stock-take, as such. 
Whatever method you use, the idea here is to reduce the time spent searching for items. This means no longer getting stressed trying to put your hand on a product when you’re in a rush. It also prevents that last-minute dash to the shops to replace essential items you discover you've run out of. 
Ultimately, a good system ensures you won’t overload your space, keeping it manageable for longer.

Keep the Space Under Your Bathroom Basin Organised

By making the under basin area part of your regular cleaning process, you’ll be able to keep it tidy and organised. 
All it takes is just a few minutes each week to check this section, alongside your regular weekly cleaning routine. This will help keep the area in tip-top shape, and let you make the most of this busy bathroom space.
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