In recent years, the term mindfulness has been widely referenced. For most, it was the pandemic that brought about this increased interest. During this time, many of us began to re-think our work-life balance. This resulted in paying more attention to our well-being. Yet, post-pandemic, we’re now moving back into that hectic world once more. So, it's more important than ever to maintain that balance we've found and created. But did you know that our bathrooms can help with mindfulness? When used to their full capacity, bathrooms provide us with a sanctuary. Our bathrooms can help us relax and rejuvenate, offering plentiful bathroom inspiration.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means being present and living for the moment. Relaxing the body and mind, it requires you to concentrate on fulfilment. This way you can reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm while becoming grounded. 
Mindfulness can trace its origins back to twentieth-century Buddhism. Its meaning describes a sense of awareness.

Simple Steps to Achieving Mindfulness in the Bathroom

  • Reclaim Your Space

A disorganised bathroom can be overwhelming, creating a sense of chaos. And, when you waste time searching for products through clutter, resentment grows. Messy counters and surfaces are distracting and instantly affect mood. 
We’ve talked on the blog before about creating a calming bathroom. All it takes is a few minutes each day to tidy up before leaving this room. This works wonders for your well-being and allows you to calmly reclaim your space.
  • Complete Your Bathroom

There's nothing more off-putting and distracting than a half-finished bathroom. No one can be expected to relax fully in the bath when staring at bathroom tiles that urgently need replacing.
Ensure your bathroom design is complete and that all those jobs you've been putting off get finished. If left unchecked, some bathroom tasks can become problematic and, as a result, costly.
Cast your eyes over your bathroom and compile a list of jobs to tackle to ensure you get that well-deserved dream bathroom.
  • Keep Your Favourite Scents on Display

Display your favourite scents on the counter and dot them all around the bathroom. A room full of gorgeous scents provides fabulous bathroom ambience. This way you can instantly uplift your mood whenever you step into this room.
Scent plays a powerful role in mindfulness, exporting us to happy places. This means it works wonders at evoking mood-lifting memories.
  • Add Music to Your Bathroom

Playing your favourite music can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Focusing on the words, rhythm, and beat, you begin to enjoy yourself. 
Listening to music can boost your mood by blocking out negativeness. This works wonders at enhancing mindfulness.
Aim for uplifting music in the morning to motivate you for the day. Opt for calming sounds and classical pieces when winding down in the evening.
The Hib Ceiling Light is the perfect way to control your bathroom music playlists. 
  • Practice Mindfulness in the Shower 

It’s not just a relaxing bath that helps with mindfulness. A quick shower provides a fabulous time to improve well-being.
Showers can heighten all the senses. From the incredible scent of the shower gel to the relaxing sound of the water and even the feel of the water against your skin. Showering helps wash away negative thoughts to rejuvenate your body and mind.
Consider installing a shower like the Mira Platinum Dual for an immersive rainwater showering experience.

How to Remain Mindful in Your Bathroom Design

With just a few simple bathroom ideas like these, it’s possible to increase mindfulness in the bathroom environment. This way, we can help keep that beneficial work-life balance as the world picks up its pace once more.
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