There’s nothing more inviting than a beautifully scented bathroom to help with relaxation. Scents have the power to help create an oasis while improving well-being.
One of the best ways to make a bathroom smell nice, using scents in this room will help energise and lift your spirits, create a fabulous ambience, relax your body and mind, and generally make you feel good. 
Here we consider several fabulous ways to add scent to your bathroom and use it long-term for fantastic results.

Bathroom Scent Ideas

Potpourri: Potpourri is perfect for the bathroom as not only can it be continually scented, but it also adds a little attention to detail as a decorative touch.
With so many colours, designs, and shapes to choose from, a beautiful pot of potpourri placed strategically in the bathroom can make for an attractive bathroom aesthetic while adding instant strong fragrance. Potpourri is a fascinating mixture of dried plant material, petals, leaves, flowers, herbs, and spices.
These are all mixed and coated in an indulgent scent that is gradually released over time once you've opened up the packet. Potpourri is an instant bathroom fragrance, but if you find it starting to lose its scent, you can refresh it by adding a touch of essential oil. Arranged in an open and decorative bowl, vase, or pot to suit, potpourri is a pleasant way of adding scent to your bathroom. 
For best results, try placing your potpourri somewhere close to you when relaxing in the bath, such as around the bath, on a shelf, cabinet, or sink.

Reed Diffusers:

The most simplistic way to add scent to a bathroom has to be by using a bathroom fragrance diffuser. Known as reed diffusers, these consist of a bottle or jar filled with a gorgeous diffuser oil scent and several sticks. When you open up the bottle and place these sticks into it, they work to soak up the scent. The result is a spectacular aroma that permeates your bathroom. 
One of the more natural ways of obtaining scent in the bathroom, reed diffusers do not require flames or heat. Best of all, with so many types of reed diffusers on the market, there's a scent to suit all tastes and occasions. 
Reed diffusers also offer an elegant addition to any bathroom, through their decorative glass jar and natural-looking diffuser sticks. 
Aim to place reed diffusers in an area of the bathroom with the most traffic as regular movement will help circulate the scent.

Scented Candles:

Scented candles are the most accessible and quickest ways to add scent to your bathroom. However, as well as providing some of the best bathroom scents, candles also light up your bathroom, and even your mood, creating warmth and comfort. 
Scented candles are easy to find and available in vast choices, being widely sold and often at great low prices. So, it’s never been easier to find and add a delightful scent to the bathroom. Candles also last a great deal of time, so you can light them when you're in the bathroom, gain their full aromatic benefits, and then distinguish them when leaving, meaning they’ll provide you with many uses.
Whether in reusable pots or stunning decorative jars, scented candles can be used as decor and dotted around the room to create a totally relaxing bathroom.
For best results, consider adding and positioning a candle next to your potpourri pot to increase the scent.

Incense Sticks:

As well as adding a powerful beautiful scent, incense sticks are perfect for cleansing your bathroom environment, working wonders as you soak in the tub.
With so many fragrances available and at fantastically low prices, incense sticks are ideal for occasional bathroom fragrance products to help purify the room while aiding relaxation. 
For the best results, light an incense stick when you have time for a relaxing bathroom session, keeping it secure on an incense holder and flat surface. Remember to make sure it's put out before leaving the room.

Indoor Plants:

Finally, several plants emit delightful scents and can be kept and displayed in the bathroom for maximum effect. The key here is to select those plants with the strongest fragrance. 
Indoor plants that smell good include jasmine, lavender, mint, citrus, and eucalyptus. By dotting these plants around your bathroom, you can maintain a consistent gorgeous scent that aromatically and visually makes your bathroom a most inviting space for resting and relaxing in. 
For the best results, place your plants in a well-lit area of your bathroom to allow them to thrive and emit their scents long-term.

Creating a Scented Oasis in the Bathroom

A fantastic way to help distribute scent in your bathroom, potpourri, reed diffusers, scented candles, incense sticks, and plants are all great additions when encouraging a more relaxed bathroom environment. 
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