If you’re looking for a personalised bathroom with a difference then a Jack and Jill bathroom layout may just be the thing. A favoured bathroom design, Jack and Jill bathrooms are immensely popular with those that have larger homes. Yet, they’re also an ideal choice for couples and indeed families with children who need a more accessible ensuite bathroom space. These bathroom types can also be considered a cost-effective design when used instead of creating a brand-new extra bathroom space. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom explains a Jack and Jill bathroom in more detail and shows you how to create the best solution for your needs.

A Jack and Jill Bathroom Meaning

Firstly, many people often wonder why is it called a Jack and Jill bathroom? Quite simply, a Jack and Jill bathroom is one bathroom. Yet, how it's accessed is what makes it the most convenient of spaces. 
A Jack and Jill bathroom will have two entrances for enhanced convenience. Entering the bathroom from two different points, the most common way to access this type of bathroom is from the bedrooms. Ultimately, this means such a space is available to the occupants of each bedroom while remaining a private bathroom. 
Likewise, a Jack and Jill bathroom layout will usually strive to include two basins. This is a fantastic way to reduce the frustration felt by many when two of you are trying to use the bathroom at the same time! Though you can opt to add additional fittings and fixtures into this room, Jack and Jill bathrooms tend to have just one toilet and one bath or shower space.

What Are the Advantages of a Jack and Jill Bathroom?

There are many benefits of owning and sharing a Jack and Jill bathroom, including:
  • Jack and Jill bathrooms make fantastic couple bathroom designs. This way, both of you can use the bathroom when getting ready in the morning and evening without having to wait your turn. 
  • Young children using a Jack and Jill bathroom with their siblings can get ready for school stress-free, as there’s more than one basin area. And, they can also learn from one another as this shared bathroom space can encourage a sense of independence and responsibility for self-care. 
  • When it comes to having guests stay over in your separate bedrooms, the Jack and Jill bathroom can be accessed by both. With a lock on both rooms to ensure continued privacy, having two separate basins allows guests to claim one each for their own use during their stay. 
  • Opting for a Jack and Jill bathroom as opposed to two bathrooms can help reduce bathroom costs, maintenance costs, and cleaning costs!
  • By creating a fabulous Jack and Jill bathroom to suit, you free up space in your home by eliminating that second bathroom. Therefore, you can create space for other additional home improvements such as increased bedroom space, office space, or gym space.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas From The Bathroom Showroom

Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we have a wide variety of bathroom furniture that you can incorporate into any dream Jack and Jill bathroom suite. 
Countertop Basins:
This type of bathroom setting is perfect for two countertop basins. The most modern bathroom fixtures and countertop basins add a stunning aesthetic and the most perfect finishing touch to a Jack and Jill bathroom. Offering a vast selection of shapes, sizes, and styles, countertop basins are the more versatile choices. From iflo to Roca, placing two of these fabulous modern basin designs side by side creates an amazing statement piece in this space. 
The best bathroom mirrors for Jack and Jill bathrooms are those that promote a clear divide and finish between the basin and ceiling. Encouraging maximum light and brightness, two of the same circular mirrors placed in a Jack and Jill bathroom look stunning. What’s more, those mirrors that boast a little elevation in their design, like the remarkable Hib Solas, will enhance the features in this room and complete the design while creating an all-around more pleasant environment. 
Task Lighting:
To complete a Jack and Jill bathroom, the final addition is lighting that can aid all your bathroom tasks. Task lighting is usually concentrated around the basin and mirror area of a bathroom, yet in this bathroom design, it also doubles up to create a gorgeous complete vanity section. Here you can layer your task lighting to perform a function while adding a wonderful sense of ambience for all using this area. Spa lighting such as the Spa Helsinki and Spa Corvus is perfect for providing a decorative effect over your basin area and offering a high-end finish.

The Best Bathroom Design for a Shared Space

A Jack and Jill bathroom is the perfect solution if you’re looking to further create the most convenient and practical bathroom solutions. Yet, this bathroom design also allows you to show off your creative skills when selecting your basin, mirror, and lighting choices.
If you’re considering creating a Jack and Jill style bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.