If you have a busy bathroom, you’ll want to be sure it functions to the best of its ability. More importantly, if space is at a premium here your bathroom layout will need to work for all members using this space.
Whether your bathroom has to cope with the demands of family life, high traffic levels throughout the day or a small bathroom layout, practicality, and convenience is priority when it comes to a multi-functioning space.
Here The Bathroom Showroom looks at the growing popularity of the multifunctional bathroom design to help you create this style in your own home. 

How to Design a Multi-Functional Bathroom

The key to designing a multifunctional bathroom is to consider user experience. As a room you need to get the very best from, a multifunctional bathroom should offer ease of access and use while ensuring this space remains calm.
  • Who will be using this bathroom space?
  • What do they need from this room?
  • How can this area be used to the best of its ability?
  • What are the most realistic expectations for this design?

Which Bathroom Furniture Is Best for a Multi-Functional Bathroom?

Firstly, one of the biggest considerations for a multifunctional bathroom space is the bath and shower choice. Often when space is at a premium in the bathroom, it may not be practical to commit to a dedicated space for a bath and a separate space. Yet, there are several options to choose from that eliminate crowding, allow for manoeuvring, and also look great.
A corner shower increases your overall bathroom space and can help make a smaller bathroom feel bigger. Corner enclosures are built into what is often deemed a wasted space in the bathroom. Thus, they utilise those dead zones that are often not considered during the planning stages. The result is you open up the centre section of this room to allow greater movement throughout this space. 
Quads and offset quads, like those from the iflo Aira range, are perfect corner shower enclosures. With a smooth gliding door action, these boast quick install times thanks to their easy-fit system. Treated with safety glass and an easy clean coating, they’re also easier showers to maintain.
Wall hung bathroom furniture is also a better option for multi-functional bathrooms as it promotes a more streamlined space. Allowing light to flow through uninterrupted underneath, wall hung units give the illusion of a bigger room while helping create a cleaner, less fussy look. 
A wall hung toilet like the iflo Rhea is a simplistic toilet choice that is ergonomically designed for comfort and easy living, and is the easier of toilet designs to keep clean. 
Meanwhile, wall hung storage solutions in the form of wall hung units provide superb functionality in this space. With the need to ensure there's a place for everything, several multi-purpose bathroom storage units can be utilised by all users, thus keeping the bathroom clear and clutter-free.
The iflo Trapani range provides a vast choice of wall hung units including door and drawer selections. Modern handleless units, these are space-saving designs that are easy to keep clean.

Which Bathroom Flooring Is Best for a Multi-Functional Bathroom?

Finally, when selecting flooring for a multifunctional bathroom, it's important to ensure this choice is hard-wearing. With the need to cope with the demands of heavy traffic in this room, vinyl click flooring makes for a fantastic practical choice. 
With its superb water-resistant capacity, vinyl click flooring like that from the Clicklux range is low-maintenance and creates warmth underfloor while aiding sound insulation. What’s more, with a vast selection of colour choices, including rich walnut, rustic willow, black elm, and antique cedar, vinyl click flooring offers a spectacular finish in a multifunctional bathroom.

A Multifunctional Bathroom Can Be An On-Trend Dream Bathroom Design 

When planning a multifunctional bathroom, you don't have to compromise on style or relinquish that dream bathroom design. Creating this style is not only about ensuring you make the very best of this space, but ultimately doing so with an element of freshness and on-trend in the fixtures and fittings that you select here. 
If you’re looking to create a multi-functional bathroom space, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.