Stunning-looking furniture can bring a bathroom to life. With fabulous designs and storage solutions, it keeps floors and counters clear. Bathroom furniture choices have never been more exciting! Bathroom collections offer vast designer finishes and glossy surfaces. Therefore, selecting the best bathroom furniture will enhance this room’s elegance. It also makes it a place you'll enjoy using and showing off to visitors! Here The Bathroom Showroom provides a quick guide to starting with bathroom furniture.

What to Consider When Buying Bathroom Furniture

  • The size of your bathroom 

How much space do you have in your bathroom for furniture? The size and dimensions of your bathroom will determine the type of your bathroom furniture. Draw up a simple layout of your room first. This will help you consider how easily accessible your preferred furniture choices will be. Add in room and space for opening and closing your furniture with ease, also. 
  • The purpose of your furniture
Develop an idea of what is most important and necessary in your bathroom. This way you'll be able to select what works best for this room, long-term.
Think here of who will be using the furniture and what for? How often will your bathroom furniture be used? How much do you want to display or put away regarding bathroom items?
  • The style of the furniture

Bathroom furniture is available in many ranges, colours, and finishes. So ask yourself what is your best style?
It could be contemporary, traditional, or modern. Whatever your choice, your bathroom style should represent your identity.  
Think carefully about trends here. Bathroom furniture is an investment that will last you for many years to come.
Consider using a mood board for bathroom inspiration before making your final decision.
  • The material of the furniture 

As the bathroom environment is harsh, all bathroom furniture needs to be resilient. This means you can't put any old furniture in this room.
At The Bathroom Showroom, all our furniture is designed specifically for the bathroom environment. This makes it resistant to moisture and mildew and offers a reduction of water absorption. 
Durability is crucial here in this heavy traffic room. Bathroom furniture will have to endure a great deal of wear and tear. So, your choices will need to stand the test of time.

Does Bathroom Furniture Need to Match?

Though it’s not essential to match bathroom furniture, it can help create a flawless finish. Many prefer the streamlined look of complete bathroom suites when selecting bathroom furniture. This is because in-sync furniture works in harmony and offers flush lines. Matching bathroom furniture can work to enhance the illusion of space. This creates a neat and tidy uniformed environment. Yet, you can still experiment with combinations here. Horizontal mixed with vertical furniture can change the room's composition. And, you can always add a dash of colour and individuality through bathroom tiles and accessories.

Types of Bathroom Furniture

Fitted bathroom furniture showcases a run of several units together in a row. This furniture choice also offers a range of plinths and worktops to choose from.
Modular furniture offers stand-alone pieces, allowing for more design flexibility. This furniture type is matching but can be positioned one by one around the room. Modular furniture is less restricted than fitted bathroom furniture.
Traditional bathroom furniture makes a grand impact and adds sophistication. This furniture works well in all bathroom types. Traditional furniture adds a classical feel to a bathroom. 
Modern bathroom furniture is defined by its straight clean, sleek lines, and geometric shapes. This type of furniture is functional and stylish while remaining on-trend. 
Toilet Units 
Toilet units are clever furniture pieces that work hard to hide unsightly pipework.
These units are minimalistic and create a seamless finish. They also provide extra storage space. The on-trend iflo Rhea collection offers a toilet unit with a pre-installed cistern that’s available in a selection of colours.
Column Units
Also referred to as tall cabinets, column units are practical storage solutions that hold bathroom essentials. Ideally suited to those with the room, column units also help in bathrooms with little floor space. Best of all, column units, like those from the spectacular Roca collection, draw the eye upwards. This helps create spaciousness and expands the size of the bathroom.
Vanity Units
Vanity units provide increased practical storage solutions and a place to hold your bathroom basin. Vanity units come in several sizes, styles, and colours, allowing you to make these personal. By adding wall-hung vanity units, like those in the superb iflo Serino collection, you further increase your bathroom space.
Drawer Units
Whether as standalone pieces or used to hold basins, drawers are spectacular furniture additions to the bathroom. A fabulous way of keeping the room clear with extra storage places, drawer units, like those from the iflo Galane collection, are incredibly stylish looking.
Bathroom Cabinets
With many stunning designs, bathroom cabinets are space-saving pieces and, like those from the gorgeous Hib collection, are essential bathroom furniture. As wall-hung pieces, cabinets hold essential items, keeping them off the floor and safely away from younger bathroom users. 
Good Quality Bathroom Furniture Makes The Best of This Fabulous Space
Before making those final decisions take a look at our bathroom furniture buying guide,suites guides, and indeed style guides.
Or, if you're looking for further help with the best bathroom furniture ranges, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.