Cloakrooms are perfect starting points when experimenting with bathroom ideas. Here you can play with style and colour, using this smaller space to express your personality. Some people find this the trickiest room to approach because of its smaller dimensions. But, a cloakroom offers fantastic scope for creativity. You may want to play around with shades and textures. Or there may be a theme you've wanted to try out in your main bathroom. Your cloakroom doesn't have to fit in with the rest of the home's decor. This means you can test, trial, and run with much bathroom inspiration. The Bathroom Showroom believes a small cloakroom design needn't be an afterthought. From the best toilet choices to flooring choices, we show you three spectacular ways to make the most of this space.
  • Go Bold
Several modern cloakroom ideas can help you elevate a small bathroom. We’re talking here about colourful and patterned tiles with on-trend fittings and fixtures. Be brave here with pattern and colour. Look at mixing and matching both to work on awakening your creative side.
Soleil tiles are gorgeously coloured and patterned trending tiles. They provide a fabulous hexagonal design that can be positioned in several ways. Suitable for both walls and floors, they make a magnificent impression. 
You can also go large here with your tiles. Larger tiles boast reduced grout lines that promote a seamless and undisturbed pattern. This makes them ideal for cloakrooms.
An eye-catching chandelier will enhance this bold design. The Spa Belle decorative light with its chrome and glass detailing will perfectly complement it.
Add an iflo Galene Collection back-to-wall toilet with a WC unit and cloakroom basin. This will keep your cloakroom looking modern while allowing the decor to sparkle. A pristine white basin and toilet choice will finish the bold look off splendidly.
  • Go Dark
Many steer away from dark colours in their cloakroom layout. But it can actually be the chance to showcase dramatic colours. Use darker colours on the walls, flooring, and accessories. This way you can incorporate the dramatic look with pristine white bathroom suites.
Bathroom tiles that shine, like Form, are stunning contemporary wall tiles that promote clean lines. With their high gloss finishing, perfectly positioned cloakroom lighting will bounce off these for a stunning glow.
A great way to highlight a dark, dramatic look is by using stunning bathroom lighting. The Hib Pendant Light Summitt is perfect for the middle of this room as it emits mellow lighting. Reflecting this gorgeous light choice, a light-up mirror like the Hib Solas helps to further enhance that warm inviting glow.
Keep this look balanced with a floor tile choice that incorporates white with black. The Devonshire tile is a stunning floral choice combining distinctive black and white creative patterning. 
Finish your dark cloakroom with a compact toilet and cloakroom basin from Roca The Gap Suite. With smooth curved edges, these work beautifully with such luxurious decor. 
  • Go Classical
For luxury cloakroom ideas several fantastic tips help create an elegant look here. The key to a classical look is selecting fixtures and fittings that instantly add periodic charm.
A high-level cistern toilet like the Heritage Stratford Suite is a stunning traditional focal fixture. This will instantly add class to your cloakroom. 
Ceramics with clean lines and distinctive shapes elevate the period design. The Ideal Standard Tonic II Suite cloakroom basin is the perfect fit for this smaller room. 
Then, look at simple ways to enhance your ceramic choices. Add a rose gold finished tap choice like the show-stopping Heritage Hemsby collection. With its perfect sculpting and sleekness, this adds a touch of elegance and focal point to your white furniture. 
When adding wall and floor choices, less is definitely more for the classical look. Metro tiles in a white or cream gloss are timeless classic tiles with their brisk-style and bevelled edge.  To add a striking contrast to these plain walls, include a pattern in the flooring to reflect the period. Melody tiles work well here in showcasing stunning modern-Victorian style floors.

Take Your Cloakroom Ideas Further

We’ve talked before on the blog about how to make the most of a small cloakroom space. Hopefully, this article has provided you with further bathroom inspiration.
Rather than leave this room until last or as an afterthought, view it as a time to experiment. You could just feel inspired to use what you’ve learned and apply it to your main dream bathroom design.
If you want to create a show-worthy cloakroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.