An accessible shower area is the perfect bathroom space for users with limited mobility. By creating such a space, everyone can use the shower with ease. This ensures that shower times are simple, hassle-free, and, above all, safe. 
An accessible shower area also offers users with restricted mobility enhanced independence. Here, The Bathroom Showroom considers some of the best products for creating an accessible shower space. These will ensure that everyone in the home can use the shower with ease. 
The Issues a Shower Poses For Those Users Experiencing Mobility Problems
For people with limited mobility, the shower is often a challenging environment. This can make it harder to remain independent, with difficulties including:
  • Getting in and out of the shower safely unaided
  • Locating and reaching for items to use during showering
  • The ability to stand for long periods
  • Potential of slipping on the wet surface
  • Limited room to turn, making movements restrictive
Yet, some simple and effective measures can be put in place to combat such problems. Best of all, they don't cost a fortune and don’t need you to remodel your entire bathroom to achieve the look. 
They are also inconspicuous when it comes to keeping your bathroom looking fab. So, they too can blend in with your current design.
How to Make a Shower Accessible for Users With Limited Mobility
  • Install a Grab Rail 
Grab rails offer an extra level of support when getting in and out and using the shower. Encouraging better balance, they also provide a means of redistributing weight when moving around. They can also reduce that feeling of fatigue that some people may experience when standing for long periods in the shower.
For increased safety, grab rails can provide a level of access to the area by climbing in and out of it with a level of solid support. Ultimately grab rails help to navigate the shower area independently and provide confidence when mobility is limited.
The iflo Grab Rail is a stainless steel design complete with a concealed fixing plate to ensure a seamless fitting. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 100kg and is available in two sizes, including 450mm and 600mm.
  • Install a Shower Seat
Adding a shower seat can instantly create an accessible shower for those who would otherwise struggle to stand for long periods. 
These seat types take the pressure off your limbs as you wash, thus creating a more comforting shower experience. This is especially important for those finding this task painful. Most importantly, shower seats add an extra depth of safety when it comes to reducing the risk of falling in a slippery environment. 
The most useful type of shower seat is one that folds back up when not in use. This not only offers a level of choice each time but also allows all those in the home to use the shower without reducing the space available. 
The Mira Shower Seat is a fold-up choice that can be fixed to a solid wall and accommodates up to 95.5kg. The Mira Premium Shower Seat adds a little more style to any shower space with its slim line design. This is a fold-up model that boasts integrated drain holes while accommodating up to 150kg.
  • Install an Anti-slip Shower Tray 
Providing more safety, anti-slip shower trays encourage a sense of comfort for those needing a little extra stability when showering. Anti-slip trays work by boosting the grip underfoot. 
Though this isn't instantly recognisable, these tray types promote a small dimple effect on their base. This helps users to balance and stand safely even when the surface area gets wet. The idea of such an accessible tray is to ensure that users have to effectively lift their foot to while showering.
The Kudos Connect2 Shower Tray boasts anti-slip properties with high gloss and acrylic capped ABS finish. This makeup increases its stability while enduring durability throughout regular use. 
  • Install a Shower Basket With Built-in Grab Bars
Finally, though a small addition, shower baskets designed with built-in grab bars are thoroughly helpful additions. 
For those who have limited mobility when showering, it’s crucial to ensure that everything needed to shower is close at hand. This reduces the need to turn around, manoeuvre, or reach out to retrieve things. Baskets with grab bars can be installed in the shower space to allow users to quickly, simply, and safely locate items such as shampoo and shower gel with ease. 
Novellini baskets are fabulous wired designs that promote effective water drainage in the shower area. These baskets are wall detachable and offer removable inserts that can be cleaned with ease. 
An Accessible Shower Space Allows All Users to Shower in Comfort
Making your shower space accessible for those with limited mobility is a fantastic way to encourage independent living. By adding small but valuable additions, like those mentioned in this article, everyone has the chance to enjoy the showering experience - all the while doing so safely. 
For further help in creating an accessible bathroom design, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.