If you’ve picked out the perfect shower for your dream bathroom, you may be wondering whether to add a shower tray? 
It may seem like a small bathroom addition, but there are so many options available. Therefore, you may find selecting the best shower tray anything but simple!
Fortunately, The Bathroom Showroom has got you covered. Here we consider some of the most commonly asked questions customers have when it comes to buying the best shower trays. From the material used to the ease of cleaning, our bathroom experts offer you a little more information to ensure a perfect final choice.
Which Shower Tray Material is Best?
Shower trays need to be durable to withstand ongoing use in the bathroom environment. So, the best shower tray material can cope with pressure, weight, water, and build-up. 
High-quality shower trays are a perfect choice. These are the models built to last, hold up well during installation, and cope with daily use.
You'll usually find two common materials used in the construction of shower trays, including acrylic and stone resin.
Acrylic shower trays tend to be lightweight tray choices. This makes them a more flexible design. These shower tray types come in a variety of sizes to suit.
An acrylic shower tray is easier to handle, which helps during the installation process. Yet, acrylic also offers increased resistance to stress and strain in this environment. So, it’s often considered a common domestic choice.  
Our iflo shower trays are constructed using high gloss durable acrylic capped ABS. This means their acrylic material is reinforced to give it increased strength and rigidity. Yet, they still still boast the lightweight properties of this material. 
Stone Resin:
Shower trays with a stone resin material include a mixture of natural minerals coupled with a resin compound. The result is a more durable option and although heavier than acyclic, they're easy to install.
Stone resin shower trays won’t warp or bend but remain hard-wearing over a long period. These tray types are readily available in a selection of different colours as well as shapes. 
The Mira Flight Safe shower trays are constructed using a hard-wearing acrylic capped resin stone. This choice of material helps them hold up well against scratching and discolouring.
What Size Shower Trays Are Available?
Fortunately, nowadays more and more shower trays are available. From a wide range of sizes to shapes, many of them take into account the individuality of our bathrooms. So, getting a tray size to fit your shower has never been easier.
Your shower tray must match your shower enclosure perfectly. This will ensure it’s watertight and that there aren’t any gaps for water to escape.
At The Bathroom Showroom, our most popular shower tray sizes and shapes include:
  • Square Trays - from 760 x 760 mm to 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Quad Trays - from 800 mm to 1000 mm
  • Offset Quad Trays (right hand and left hand) - from 900 x 760 mm to 1200 x 910 mm
  • Rectangle Trays - from 900 x 700 mm to 1800 x 900 mm
Are Shower Trays Non-Slip?
We always recommend you look for those shower trays that mention non-slip properties. This ensures that you put safety first when adding a shower tray to your shower enclosure. Non-slip trays are crucial for younger and elderly users as well as those with mobility issues. Yet, they should ideally be a priority for all members of the home to ensure shower safety for all. 
Non-slip shower trays with Kamba Anti-slip Coating are perfect non-slip choices. Used in Kudos trays, this is an exclusive coating. TUV tested, Kamba is certified as a class ‘C’ regarding its slip resistance. Best of all, this coating is transparent, so your shower tray isn’t compromised.
Are Shower Trays Easy to Maintain?
The great thing about a shower tray is that it’s easy to care for. Regular gentle cleaning of this fixture will keep it looking clean and clear and free from soap scum build-up. Best of all, all you need are a few kitchen cupboard essentials to do this job effectively. 
Take a look at our article on the Rest & Relaxation page for help with cleaning your shower tray
Shower Trays Perfectly Complement Spectacular Showers 
Ultimately, selecting a great shape and perfectly sized shower tray will encourage a seamless look to any shower enclosure.
If you’re looking to add a shower tray, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.