You can’t go wrong with a towel radiator when styling your bathroom. Not only are towel radiators the most eye-catching of bathroom fittings, but they’re also incredibly practical.
Considered luxurious when completing your dream bathroom, towel radiators keep both your towels and your bathroom warm and toasty.
No longer just found in hotels, more of us are realising the power of towel radiators when styling our bathrooms. But, if you’re unsure where to start, The Bathroom Showroom has got you covered. 
Here we consider the many benefits of adding a towel radiator, offering bathroom ideas for completing this room.

What Is a Bathroom Towel Radiator?

A bathroom towel radiator is a fitting that works to heat towels before you use them and keep your bathroom comfortably warm. Many people ask, does a towel radiator heat the room? The answer is yes, provided that the size of the radiator selected is suitable for the size of the bathroom. This means ensuring that in a large-sized bathroom, the towel radiator is a full-sized towel rail to make a difference to your room's temperature in the winter.

The Benefits of Installing a Bathroom Towel Radiator

  • They add a fabulous distinctive feature to the room, creating a focal or statement piece
  • Towel radiators work with all bathroom styles 
  • They can provide inspiration for an empty wall and even provide the basis for decorating the rest of the room
  • They heat your towels, making stepping out of the bath or shower bearable!
  • They offer an element of warmth to your bathroom, especially smaller-sized ones
  • Many towel rails can help eliminate old-fashioned radiators
The most efficient towel radiators will reach their full temperature in five minutes, helping to reduce your heating bills

Which Towel Radiator Is the Best When Styling Your Bathroom?

There are several towel radiator styles that can help when adding these fittings as a design feature. 
  • Go Small
For the smaller bathroom, a small towel radiator should be enough to provide adequate heat and space for your towels. Most small bathrooms need to be more flexible when adding fittings to their design. Yet, a bathroom with less room doesn’t have to miss out on a towel radiator.
The TowelRads Elcot is a charming towel radiator that adds a sleek look to the bathroom without taking up too much space. A simplistic minimal design, this is an electric towel rail that comes as a three-pack with the smallest measurement available of 450mm and the largest 630mm. 
Best of all, because of its fantastic design, you can position each of the three towel rails individually around the room to suit. This is perfect for distributing the heat around the room, placing heated towels for accessibility in several areas, and all the while incorporating an exceptional bathroom feature.
  • Go Big
For those bigger bathrooms, going large with a towel radiator not only accommodates all those extra towels but ultimately ensures heat is evenly distributed. Larger bathrooms have bigger surface areas to cover and therefore can afford to opt for more substantial-sized towel radiators.
The TowelRads Eversley is available in the largest size of 1500 x 500mm, making this the perfect bigger towel radiator option. Boasting a selection of well-spaced bars, this is an incredibly practical solution.
Yet, what’s more outstanding about this choice is that it looks sleek and minimal when fitted to the wall. Thus it remains a superbly polished focal feature of any larger-sized bathroom. 
The TowelRads Eversley is also available for fitting as a dual-fuel choice. This further makes it an efficient towel radiator for running on central heating during the winter with the option to turn it on and off over summer using its electrical element.
  • Go Modern
For those bathrooms aiming for a modern look, a towel radiator that boasts a magnificent feature will certainly enhance that modern vibe. Wonderfully creative, when not being used to heat towels, towel radiators undeniably offer a modern design feature that elevates a bathroom wall.
The TowelRads Vetro is the perfect example of a modern towel radiator. A thoroughly innovative design, this radiator relies on touch screen technology. Most importantly, it boasts an ambitious frameless design that oozes sleekness.
Easy to clean, this stone effect choice also provides the option of a polished or brushed bar that further draws the eye. With the ability to hang this vertically or horizontally, the TowelRads Vetro certainly has the wow factor.
  • Go Traditional
For a more traditional-looking bathroom design, towel radiators that incorporate traditional features in their detailing work perfectly. Designs promoting round column panels emulate those popular old-fashioned radiators here. 
A perfect traditional choice is the iflo Cereme. A most versatile bathroom radiator, this combines a traditional towel radiator with a towel warmer. Maintaining a good balance of traditional with modern, the iflo Cereme features a central two-column white radiator that’s encased in a chrome frame. 
A traditional design allows you to add a vintage bathroom vanity that works splendidly with a traditional bathroom style but all the while ensures you benefit from the modern aspect of heating towels.

The Best Towel Radiators for Bathrooms Have a Powerful Design Effect

Whether you’re creating your new bathroom or looking for some bathroom inspiration to update your current one, towel radiators are undeniably a fabulous addition. With various sizes available, they have the power to stylise a room while offering warmth and comfort for all those using this space. 
If you’re considering adding a bathroom towel radiator, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.