If you’re looking to make an impact in your bathroom, then choosing unique bathroom taps will certainly do the job. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to create a statement bathroom, the best bathroom taps can transform your bath, and basin areas, offering a fresh new look in an instant.
Trending right now in the world of bathrooms are wall-mounted taps. These tap types are a stunning choice in any bathroom as they make a huge first impression while offering so much character. Here we look at several wall-mounted taps, all with beautiful finishes to offer you some fabulous bathroom inspiration.

What are Wall Mounted Taps?

Wall-mounted taps vary from standard taps in both their looks and their positioning in the bathroom. Wall-mounted taps are placed on the wall just above the basin or bath.
Whereas with standard taps, or fixed taps, you’ll often hear them called deck-mounted taps because they are attached to the basin or bath itself.

The Advantages of Wall Mounted Taps

  • Wall-mounted taps are fantastic tap choices because they free up the area around the basin, and bath as they aren't fixed directly onto the unit. This means you have a little more choice when it comes to positioning them and designing your bathroom.
  • In basins, opting for wall-mounted taps gives you more room for manoeuvre when washing your hands. In addition, as you don't have to work around any deck-mounted taps, you’ll also find that wall-mounted taps make it easier when it comes to cleaning your basins and baths.
  • Because of the elevation of wall-mounted taps, the result is a cascading waterfall effect. This truly adds a sense of luxury, so if you’re looking at ways to recreate a thoroughly relaxing spa-bath effect, what better choice than such wall-mounted taps?
  • If you want to improve the look of your bathroom but as yet don't want to spend too much, then wall-mounted taps can offer that luxurious and elegant finishing touch to leave a better impression. This means you can work on creating a statement basin, or a statement bath individually or as a whole bathroom set to suit your current needs.
  • Most importantly, in terms of style, wall-mounted taps certainly make a statement in the bathroom as they catch the eye instantly and are noticeable. Seamless, elegant, stylish, and showcasing some fabulous clean, sharp lines, you’ll find them in a variety of materials and colours to suit.

Statement Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps

Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we’re proud to stock some of the best sought-after wall-mounted tap brands. Some of our most popular statement taps include:

The Abode Serenitie Range

A three-piece wall-mounted basin/bath mixer, Abode Serenitie wall-mounted taps are quality bathroom taps available in antique brass or luxurious chrome finishes. With both choices boasting sleek designs, this range is fresh and contemporary looking and therefore works equally well in modern and traditional bathroom decors.

The CrossWater MPRO Range

Delivering on function, style, and quality, the Crosswater MPRO range offers a selection of wall-mounted basin mixer taps. Precision engineered as long-lasting bathroom products, the choices in this range include matt black bathroom taps, chrome, brushed brass, and brushed steel colours.

The Heritage Hemsby Range

A spectacular choice of luxury bathroom taps, the Heritage Hemsby range presents a stunning selection of rose gold bathroom taps. With a desirable gold finishing and perfect sculpting, these are available as a wall-mounted bath filler and basin mixer. This beautiful collection offers a sleek contemporary elegance to any bathroom.

The Abode Harmonie Range

Displaying a clean, simple minimalist design, Abode Harmonie showcases a wall-mounted basin/bath mixer that is available in a chrome or black finish. What's more, these wall-mounted taps benefit from a superior Italian finishing, making them a perfect luxury bathroom tap choice.

Make a Design Statement in the Bathroom Using Taps

Not just some of the most gorgeously designed tap choices but immensely practical in their design, wall-mounted taps offer a stunning finish to all bathroom decor choices.
Whether you’re looking to remodel your bathroom from scratch or simply want to jazz up the basin and bath area, here at The Bathroom Showroom, you're sure to find a wall-mounted tap choice to suit your needs.
Why not look at our bathroom taps buying guide for further bathroom inspiration?
If you’re considering adding wall mounted taps, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.