When looking to add the wow factor to a bathroom, much hype surrounds wet rooms. With a modern, stylish look, a wet room can be accessible to all users. And, it's an ideal design choice as something other than the traditional bathroom layout.
Yet, a significant outlay, a wet room has its fair share of advantages and drawbacks. So, it’s crucial to ensure it's the right choice for your circumstances. Here, The Bathroom Showroom shines the spotlight on wet rooms, helping you decide if they're more suitable for your needs.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Wet Room?

Advantages of Wet Rooms

  • Wet Room Designs Are Stylishly Spectacular Designs
Undeniably, a wet room makes for a fabulous-looking addition to any home. With the emphasis on an open plan, a more contemporary look and feel, and clearly defined lines with uncluttered finishes, many wet rooms also promote a sense of luxury in their aesthetic. With plentiful renowned hotels and resorts preferring them over bathrooms, wet rooms are minimalist but flexible in their designs. This allows you to add your own personality to the décor and create an environment to suit your personality.
  • Wet Rooms Are Easy to Keep Clean
Largely due to its minimalism, a wet room is considered easier than a standard bathroom to clean and indeed maintain. This is primarily thanks to having fewer glass, trays, and cubicles to clean. In fact, many owners of a wet room find cleaning time is cut in half with the result of a more luxurious-looking bathroom and indeed more time to spend enjoying it. 
  • Wet Rooms Are Extremely Accessible to All Users
As versatile bathroom solutions that are immensely practical in their layout, wet rooms allow for ease of movement. A common question is are wet room floors slippery? The answer is no. Accessible as a simple walk-in, walk-out space with levels, wet rooms are designed with specialist anti-slip flooring. So, they promote increased independence for those who would otherwise have trouble getting in or out of a shower or bath. Wet rooms are ideal choices for those with disabilities, accessibility issues, elderly users, and also young children.
  • Wet Rooms Are Perfect for Small Bathroom Spaces
With fantastic scope for transforming this space into a design to suit, wet rooms can be created in any size or shape. This makes them ideal for those smaller bathrooms that can’t accommodate a bath or shower. Offering more scope for flexibility and creativity when installing, wet rooms alienate those bulky fixtures and maximise the space as they open up the entire room. 
  • Wet Rooms Can Add Value to Your Home
As a focal feature in the home, a wet room has the potential to increase your home’s value. With many people looking for such improved quality in their homes, wet rooms promote a highly attractive proposition when it comes to selling a property. Many potential buyers consider a new bathroom a huge advantage when house-hunting, so a wet room could well add a possible 5% additional value to your home.

Disadvantages of Wet Rooms

  • Wet Rooms Mean Everything Gets Wet!
Though it may seem an obvious statement, when compared to a traditional bathroom, everything in a wet room gets wet when you use it! This means considering how you will keep your bathroom dry when it's not in use as wet rooms could well be targets for dampness if not ventilated correctly. Yet, as wet rooms are tanked and treated, they are designed to be completely waterproof. This just means rethinking where items such as toilet paper, towels, and other soft furnishings will go.
  • Wet Rooms Can Be an Expensive Outlay
With the requirement to overhaul and adapt the current bathroom, wet rooms need tiling from top to bottom, as well as tanking (waterproofing) completely. They will also require draining, ventilating, and underfloor heating options, as well as planning work and labour costs. Overall, wet rooms are considered the more expensive option when building from scratch, especially when compared to a traditional bathroom installation. Ongoing maintenance such as sealing also needs to be factored in.
  • Wet Rooms Could Impact Home Value
Just as the idea of a wet room can increase the value of a home, so too can it have the potential opposite effect. For those house hunters looking for a home with a traditional bathroom, not everyone will like finding a wet room as a replacement. This may then mean a consideration of how much it would cost to remove and redo on their behalf, leading to a reflection on the asking price. 

Design Your Perfect Wet Room Space With The Bathroom Showroom

Ultimately, a wet room is not suitable for everyone and your choice may well come down to personal preference. Yet, with a wide range of design options, the ability to create a most unique bathroom space is certainly possible with a wet room design.  
If you're looking to design a wet room, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.