Whether you’re installing or renovating your bathroom, selecting the right shower area is an important design factor. From a shower enclosure to an over-shower bath or even a dedicated wet room, bathroom shower designs have never been more appealing!
Yet, each choice will be dependent on the available space, user needs, and your design preferences. And, with pros and cons on all three choices, it can be difficult to opt for just one choice. 
Here The Bathroom Showroom helps you make the best decision by considering the advantages and disadvantages of three common bathroom shower designs. This will help you select the most functional and indeed stylish solution for your space.

Choose The Right Shower Solution For Your Bathroom 

Wet Room
A wet room is a waterproof tiled space that is completely open. A wet room floor will either have a slight gradient or a shower tray installed.
Advantages of a wet room:
  • A wet room is a great choice for small bathroom spaces as it’s an ideal compact solution
  • Wet rooms can be used with ease by all users - making them more accessible for those with limited mobility 
  • Wet rooms are easier to clean and maintain as you eliminate many fittings and fixtures here
  • A wet room allows for more space - meaning more room to manoeuvre or take advantage of fabulous design opportunities
  • A wet room can add value to your home as a unique selling point
  • A wet room is a durable choice as it’s sealed fully to ensure a waterproof space. So, it will require less maintenance and remain looking good for longer
Disadvantages of a wet room:
  • A wet room can be the most expensive solution to install. With factors to consider such as entire room tiling, draining, ventilation, and underfloor heating, this design can swiftly become costly. Likewise, if you choose tiles that will need sealing regularly, maintaining them can become an additional expense and, indeed, chore. 
  • Installing a wet room will require professional help which is another expense to factor in. It's crucial this room is installed correctly to prevent water draining issues. If water is allowed to build up due to incorrect installation, then the potential is to flood the rest of the home.
  • The time taken to install a wet room will be greater than that of simply installing a shower enclosure or over-bath choice. 
  • When you create a wet room, the potential is that everything in it will get wet! So, you’ll need to account for covering soft furnishings and toilet paper for example, and prevent any long-term damage.
  • You could potentially lower the value of your home if buyers are looking for a traditional bathroom setup and expecting to see a bath in this room. 
  • Because of its openness, you may find only one person can use the wet room at a time, thus creating a queue for the bathroom at various times throughout the day!
Shower Enclosure
A shower enclosure is a closed-off area that offers enough room for manoeuvring when showering. But, ultimately it works to keep the water from the shower in a confined space. This way, it provides a separation between the wet and dry areas in a bathroom.
Advantages of a shower enclosure:
  • A shower enclosure is the easiest of choices to install - working well in any size and type of bathroom, so you can manage your space better
  • A shower enclosure is a reasonably priced bathroom addition
  • There is a spectacular range of enclosures with fabulous bathroom shower designs to choose from
  • Shower enclosures require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean
  • A shower enclosure provides increased privacy meaning more than one person can use the bathroom at the same time
  • Shower enclosures can aid the design process by improving the look of the room
  • A shower enclosure is a less expensive choice than a wet room
  • Shower enclosures work hard to keep the water in the designated area thus reducing the risk of getting the rest of the room wet
Disadvantages of a shower enclosure:
  • Some may find the room offered by a shower enclosure limited and thus create a feeling of claustrophobia when showering
  • Those with mobility issues may not find a shower enclosure accessible unless they modify it 
  • Some people find the constant water marks from a shower mean increased cleaning to keep it looking good. As a regularly used small space it can become more tiresome to keep on top of
  • As shower enclosures are small boxed in spaces, they’re ultimately high-moisture and high-humidity traps. This means ventilation needs prioritising to avoid creating an unhealthy damp environment for here and the rest of the bathroom space
  • With many shower enclosures clear or see-through, an element of privacy is lost thus potentially meaning no one else can use the room when someone’s in the shower
Over Bath Shower / Shower Above Bath
An over-bath shower is a shower that's mounted above your bath. This means that when showering you simply stand in the bath. For an over-bath shower, you can use either a bathroom shower screen or a shower curtain to prevent the water from escaping out of the bath to protect your bathroom floor.
Advantages of an over bath shower / shower above bath
  • An over-bath shower is an inexpensive, quick, and simple solution
  • By utilising the bath space, an over-bath shower creates a space-saving showering solution
  • An over-bath shower allows those small bathrooms to use a shower if a separate shower enclosure isn't an option
  • Over-bath showers provide an ideal combination and choice from these two crucial bathroom fixtures meaning no more bath vs shower discussions
  • Over-bath showers can be great ways to transition young children to shower enclosures going forward
  • An over-bath shower allows you to keep the largest and biggest selling point of your bathroom; that is, the bath
Disadvantages of an over bath shower / shower above bath
  • Those users with limited mobility may find standing in the tub difficult and tiring when showering this way
  • Likewise, those younger users may encounter safety issues with the bath being a slippery surface
  • An over-bath shower isn't always the most attractive of design solutions
  • You will need to consider a good quality bath screen. An over bath shower enclosure will ensure your floors are protected. Or you could opt for a shower curtain to fill the space
  • Not everyone will like having a bath screen or shower around their bath when trying to relax
  • This can be the more difficult of areas to maintain and clean as you're effectively looking after two bathroom fixtures here

Bathroom Ideas For Showers That Work For Everyone

Overall, whether it be a wet room, shower enclosure, or over-bath shower choice will depend on your personal preferences. Ultimately, each idea has its advantages and potential disadvantages. Yet, either way, each shower choice here can help enhance your dream bathroom design and offer immense practicality in day-to-day living.
If you’re considering a shower choice, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.