Bath screens are becoming increasingly popular as more households look for stylish but practical protection for the bath area. Converting a bath into a splashproof space, bath screens are fantastic additions for small bathrooms as some can be folded away when not in use. Larger and family bathrooms can also benefit from bath screens as they work harder to keep the water in the bath rather than outside of it!
At the Bathroom Showroom, we have a stunning selection of shower screens for baths. With a range of sizes, types, and models to choose from, adding a bath screen to your bathroom has never been easier.

Is It Better to Have a Shower Screen or Curtain?

Shower curtains are hard to maintain, especially when they have little time to dry out in between uses. This ultimately means they become a home for mould. With a shower curtain, you get more water on the floor than in the tub, especially where children are involved.
Bath screens, on the other hand, are much easier to clean. All they need is a quick wipe after each shower using an appropriate cleaner. The best bath shower screen will offer more protection from water seepage while opening up the bath area and allowing light to travel through.

12 of The Best Bath Screens From The Bathroom Showroom

1. iflo Apsley Single Panel

The iflo Apsley Single Panel is a 1500 x 780-800mm bath screen and a low-cost choice if you’re looking to start with a bath screen or are on a budget.
Made with 6mm of toughened safety glass, this is a curved bath screen. The iflo Apsley Single Panel is simplistic and sleek in appearance, benefiting from a frameless design. 
With the ability to open inwards and outwards, this bath screen is immensely practical for many bathroom designs.
The iflo Apsley Single Panel has an additional barrier between the seal and the pivot point. As this is where water usually escapes, this barrier prevents water seepage.

2. iflo Apsley Double Panel

With all the fabulous features of the single panel model, the iflo Apsley Double Panel bath screen is a superb two-panel bath screen. This makes it a good choice when looking for more coverage. With the first panel fixed for extra rigidity, the second panel opens inwards and outwards.
Featuring a gorgeous frameless design, this 1500 x 880-900mm bath screen benefits from a 6mm toughened safety glass. Complete with an additional foam barrier, the iflo Apsley Double Panel works hard to prevent leaks between the seal and pivot point.

3. iflo Apsley 4 Fold Bath Screen

Featuring an impressive innovative design, the iflo Apsley 4 Fold Bath Screen is a fantastic choice for in-bath showering.
With an impressive fold-away feature, this folding shower screen benefits from all the usual features of the single and double panel models while offering increased coverage.
At 1400 X 850mm, the iflo Apsley 4 Fold Bath Screen is an excellent choice for family bathrooms due to its easy access and foam barrier properties. 

4. iflo Metz L Shaped Bath Screen

The iflo Metz is an L-shaped bath screen that provides the perfect solution for in-bath showering. 
With 6mm toughened glass, this is an attractive screen thanks to a black frame finishing, making it perfect for modern bathroom decor.
The iflo Metz L Shaped Bath Screen is a practical choice for smaller bathrooms with its space-saving design measuring 1500 x 805-825mm.

5. iflo Kalhatti Frameless Double Panel

Another impressive iflo bath screen is the iflo Kalhatti Frameless Double Panel.
An elegant model, this frameless shower screen includes double-polished aluminum fixings for a stunning finishing touch.
With choices of a left or right-hand model, the iflo Kalhatti Frameless Double Panel
features 6mm toughened glass and measures 1500 x 875mm.
Another impressive feature of this iflo bath screen is its clear glass-to-glass sealing. Working to reduce limescale, this glass has an easy clean coating that lasts the lifetime of the bath screen. This feature not only keeps the screen looking fabulous throughout use but also makes it ideal for busy traffic bathrooms.

6. iflo Kalhatti Frameless 4 Folding

For a frameless folding bath screen with fantastic coverage, the iflo Kalhatti Frameless 4 Folding is a wonderful choice. 
Offering all the features of the double panel model, the first panel of this frame is fixed, ensuring increased rigidity. 
With a 6mm toughened safety glass, being able to fold this bath screen to suit makes it immensely practical.
Boasting double-polished aluminium fixings, the finishing on the iflo Kalhatti Frameless 4 Folding model is superb. Available in 1500 x 950mm, there’s a right and left-hand option available.
What's more, with that easy clean coating and clear glass-to-glass sealing, keeping this bath screen looking great is simple.

7. Novellini Aurora 1

Ensuring functionality and style all in one, the Novellini Aurora 1 is a pleasant and practical bath screen. 
Available in a selection of sizes, this bath screen is available as 1500 x 700mm, 1500 x 750mm, 1500 x 800mm, and 1500 x 850mm.
The Novellini Aurora 1 has a chrome profile and 6mm safety glass. This glass also benefits from crystal clear glass treatment, showcasing a fabulous sleek, clean finish.
With a single panel hinged screen, the Novellini Aurora 1 is a reversible bath screen. An ideal simplistic choice, this is a great starter model and a good choice for small bathrooms.

8. Novellini Aurora 2

With all the fantastic benefits of the Aurora 1 model, the Novellini Aurora 2 is a two-section screen. This not only offers more coverage for the bath but makes it more accessible as the panel opens both ways.
A reversible bath screen, the Novellini Aurora 2 looks bright and charming thanks to its inclusion of a crystal clear glass treatment. This makes it perfect as a statement piece and a practical choice for medium to large bathrooms.

9. Novellini Young 1V

In a vast selection of sizes to suit, the Novellini Young 1V is an impressive-looking bath screen suitable for modern and contemporary bathrooms. 
In a chrome or matt black finish, this stunning bath screen is supplied with an optional splash guard. This makes it ideal for medium to large bathrooms, high traffic bathrooms, and those with children. 
With a 6mm anti-scale treated glass, the Novellini Young 1V features chrome antibacterial treated profiles. It also includes rise and fall hinges, ensuring a tight seal to the bath. 
With a reversible door opening both ways, the  Novellini Young 1V is available in 1500 x 700mm, 1500 x 750mm, 1500 x 800mm, 1500 x 850mm, and 1500 x 900mm.

10. Novellini Young 3V

With its versatile 6mm anti-scale treated glass, the Novellini Young 3V boasts a stunning profile finishing. Featuring a chrome antibacterial treated profile, this bath shower screen is available in 1500 x 980mm.
Complete with rise and fall hinges, the result is a tight seal to the bath for increased practicality throughout bathing and showering.
The Novellini Young 3V comes with an optional chrome splash guard for added protection.
Reversible and with a door that opens both ways, this is a fantastic bath screen choice suitable for all bathroom sizes.

11. Novellini Young 1BSV

For a spectacular statement piece, the Novellini Young 1BSV is an attractive larger-sized bath screen. Ideal for modern bathroom decor, this bath screen works well as a shower screen extender for larger households.
Boasting double folding doors, this bath screen is available in 1500 x 1200mm, as a right or left-hand choice.
The Novellini Young 1BSV stands out from the rest with its unique UV bonded hinges. 
These make it a zero maintenance hinged bath screen 
Like the Young 1V and Young 3V, the Novellini Young 1BSV is supplied with an optional chrome splash guard. It also uses rise and fall hinges to ensure a tight seal when fitting to the bath.

12. Merlyn Forte Black

For a thoroughly modern and stylish bath screen to complement your bathroom decor, the Merlyn Forte Black is an on-trend choice.
Best of all, this bath screen choice is a fantastic choice for those with children as it boasts an 8mm toughened safety glass. 
Featuring a sleek matt black finish, the 1500 x 900mm Merlyn Forte Black is available as a right or left-hand screen choice. This wonderful bath screen also has a door swing of 180 degrees inwards.
Finally, to help reduce cleaning time, the Merlyn Forte Black features Mershield Stayclear easy-clean glass protection. 

Make the Move From Curtain to Screen With Ease

Bath screens not only keep your bathroom dry, but they’re also stylish and open up your bathroom, letting in more light. Taking up minimal room, these are fabulous choices for helping with design and decor. 
Ultimately, a bath screen is the healthier choice when compared to a shower curtain. So, if you feel it’s time to ditch that grungy-looking shower curtain, take a look at our bath screen buying guide and treat yourself to one of these best bath shower screens.
If you’re considering adding a bath screen to your bath, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.