When designing a bathroom, you'll want to be sure to use this space effectively. This is especially so for small bathrooms and those with many users. At The Bathroom Showroom, we're often asked, is it a good idea to replace a bath with a shower? Regrettably, there's no one size fits all answer to this question. It all depends greatly on the individual home and user habits. But, here we’ve compiled several advantages and disadvantages to give some balance to this subject.
The Advantages of Replacing Your Bath for a Shower
  • Removing the Bath Gives You Back Some Floor Space
There's no denying that baths take up a lot of floor space. Generally speaking, showers take up less floor space than baths do. So replacing the bath for a shower, you'll only need to accommodate the floor size of the shower tray.
The key here is to ensure your shower choice is a compact one, like the iflo Aira Bifold Sliding Door. That way, you won't replace one large fitting with another! 
This is a good decision for those who can't remember the last time they used the bath. It’s also ideal for those whose children were the only ones using the bath but are now getting too old for it.
  • Showers Typically Use Less Water Than Baths
It’s no secret that running a bath takes a lot of water. So, when you switch to a new bathroom shower, you should ideally reduce such water usage. 
On average, a good-quality shower will use less water than a bath. However, it’s only effective if you aren't taking overly long leisurely showers! 
Water-friendly showers, like the Grohe Euphoria Smart Control, are specially designed to use less water. So, you can get the timing right on your shower choice and encourage all other members of the home to do the same. 
Replacing your bath with a shower could have a better impact on your bills and the environment.
  • Showers Are More Accessible Than Baths for Many Users
Getting in and out of a bath can be difficult for those users whereby mobility is an issue. Yet, the process is easier and more accessible in a shower.
Here you can select accessories like an iflo Grab Rail and an iflo Shower Seat. This will help further enhance your showering experience. 
There's also an option of detachable shower heads, like the Abode Mix & Match Riser Rail. These are perfect for those younger users who aren’t quite high enough just yet.
That extra floor space will also provide more room to manoeuvre in the bathroom. This means stepping in and out of the shower safer.

The Disadvantages of Replacing Your Bath for a Shower

  •  A Bathroom Without a Bath Could De-value Your Home
Unfortunately, when house hunting, many people like to see the presence of a bath in the bathroom. This is, however, just personal preference on behalf of potential buyers. But, it could just become an issue that has the potential to de-value your home. 
You may have a keen buyer, but one who expected to see a bath in this room. So, they’ll be counting the cost of purchasing and installing a bath as soon as they realise. This could be the deal-breaker for many as to a sale or non-sale. 
So, if you do have plans to sell in the future, this is certainly an issue worth contemplating beforehand.
  • You Could Change Your Mind Later On
A common issue when removing the bath is a change of circumstance sometime later. This could be a change in your family situation or your household begins to grow. 
When opting for a shower instead of a bath, some people miss those long soaks and pampering sessions.
They may have only ever used the bath sporadically before. But, the point is that they at least had the option to choose to use it. When that option is taken away it can be sorely missed and noted. 
Ultimately, when you get rid of your bath, you become fully committed to showers.
  • A Bathroom May Look Incomplete Without the Tub
Sometimes, the lack of a bath can often make a bathroom look and feel a little lost. This is especially so if you've used your bath as the room's centrepiece or as a focal statement. When you remove the bath for a shower, you’ll inevitably have a lot of space.
For some people, this additional room is greatly appreciated. Yet, for others, it can make the room seem empty and out of keeping with the rest of the bathroom furniture. You may need to account for remodelling your bathroom space and its layout to ensure that your new look is right.
Are Shower Baths a Good Idea as an Alternative Solution?
If you're no closer to deciding on this subject, there's a potential compromise. A shower bath, like the iflo Rennes, is a fantastic addition to any bathroom, big or small, and one that combines the best of both worlds.
If you’re looking for further advice on baths and showers, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.