If you’re looking for an exquisite bathroom tile that’s on-trend, available in several colours, and can be presented in a variety of patterns, then we have just the choice for you.
Our tile pick of the month comes from the Soleil collection. Offering a stunning grand design and assortment of design layouts, this tile collection is the one to watch. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom highlights the many benefits of the Soleil tile, including its colours, patterns, and material, while uncovering why this tile stands out among other tiles on the market. This will help you decide whether this bathroom tiles design could be the perfect choice for your space.

The Soleil: A Stunning Bathroom Tile

The Soleil is a stunning tile choice that works wonders in modern-style bathrooms. Perfect for making a statement in the bathroom, Soleil is an on-trend tile, not only thanks to its myriad of colours but ultimately its hexagon design. 
The Soleil bathroom tile collection promotes effortless style and is the best tile choice for using to create statement walls in this space. Allowing you to showcase your very own grand designs, such patterning ensures a unique finish. 

Soleil Colour Options 

Understandably, what attracts many homeowners to the Soleil tile collection is its distinctive colour choices. From blue and green to grey and pink, this patterned tile offers a warm or cool hue to suit all bathroom themes.
  • Mint Matt: A softer colour option, Mint Matt is a popular bathroom tiles green hue that works fabulously with many botanical-themed bathrooms. This is colour also works wonders when complemented by black and white tones.
  • Rose Matt: A delicate and beautiful hue, Rose Matt lends a hand to colour depth in the bathroom. Working effortlessly with both black and white bathroom decors, this is a gentle colour choice, yet one that makes a real impression.
  • Sea Blue Matt: A cool and utterly distinctive colour choice, the Sea Blue Matt Soleil tile is a prominent beautiful choice that works so well in many decors. A bathroom tiles blue colour, this can also be complemented with black and gold, as well as white bathroom fixtures and fittings.
  • Grey Matt: Promoting a realistic stone effect, Grey Matt is an understated tile colour choice that pairs well with many fixtures and fittings. This hue offers endless scope for bathroom inspiration.

Why Choose the Soleil Bathroom Tile?

  1. Superb Crafting and Materials: Soleil tiles not only take advantage of glazed ceramic, but this ceramic used is a durable vitrified choice. Offering an 8.7 mm thickness, these are therefore perfect for both bathroom tiles wall and bathroom tiles floor choices.
  2. Trending Design: The Soleil tile is an eye-catching design that is currently relevant when it comes to bathroom trends. An delightful design, this tile collection brings the wow factor to any bathroom and creates a talking piece.
  3. Exclusivity: Bathroom tiles hexagon style offer unique design options as they can be laid in a variety of patterns. So, whether you prefer to mix it up a little or create a flow, there are plentiful options for making your very own look with Soleil tiles. 
  4. Accessible Prices: Though the Soleil tile collection boasts high-end finishes, these tiles remain affordable. So, you can be assured of creating that bathroom of your dreams regardless of your budget. 
  5. Simple Installation and Maintenance: Like all of our tiles, Soleil are easy to install as a DIY project and are simple to care for long-term, ensuring they remain looking as good as new.

Our Expert Bathroom Tile Tip: Add Complementary Brassware

A fantastic idea when using Soleil tiles is to add new refreshed brassware that emphasises the beauty of these modern tiles
From Matt Black to Brushed Brass, we have basin mixers, shower mixers, bath fillers, and wall and floor standing brassware options that perfectly complement the Soleil tile. 
With renowned brands including Crosswater, Heritage, Roca, Bristan, and Methven there's a style to suit all preferences.

Get Your Bathroom Tiles From The Bathroom Showroom

Modernising and creating a unique look in the bathroom has never been easier with tiles. And the Soleil tile collection provides an on-trend most up-to-date look for all bathroom sizes. 
Providing a stunning selection of colours and a myriad of pattern choices through its hexagonal design, the Soleil tile collection is a thoroughly worthy contender for our top pick this month. 
Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your space into a sought-after dream bathroom. Browse our tile brochure, visit our showroom, or check out our blog for further bathroom inspiration today. 
For more information on the Soleil bathroom tile collection, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.