When you have young children using the bathroom you'll want to be sure that they remain safe. A good bathroom design will work to cater to all household members that use this space. But, that doesn't have to mean compromising on style when it comes to selecting bathroom taps!
Fortunately, child-friendly tap choices are fabulously looking additions that you can naturally add to this room's decor. Designed to safeguard your little one, they provide greater peace of mind while ensuring your bathroom design stays on-trend and relevant.
Here, at The Bathroom Showroom, we show you what to look for when choosing child-friendly taps while showcasing some fantastic choices from our own ranges.

How to Choose Bathroom Taps That Are Child-Friendly

Firstly, when beginning your search for new bathroom taps that work well with children, there are several features you should look out for.
  • Cold Start Technology - This ensures that when your child first turns the tap on by themselves, the running water is cold. This is also an Eco-friendly option!
  • Anti-scald device controls - Keeping your water temperature constant, these prevent an excessively hot flow of water, enabling improved control for little ones. Using a temperature-limited cartridge, you can set the temperature during installation to eliminate any risk of scalding.
  • Soft-turn technology - This allows the user better control over the water flow, thus ensuring more precision.

Which Bathroom Taps Are Best For Children?

When choosing child-safe taps that feature improved safety features, The Bathroom Showroom has several brands and styles to suit your bathroom design.
Roca Ono Tap
Alongside its cold start technology, the Roca Ono also boasts powder-coated brassware and an anti-corrosive and anti-limescale treatment. This further helps ensure that along with heightened safety this tap remains extremely resistant to scratches and therefore retains its stunning polished look.
Roca Targa Tap 
With its evershine chrome electrolytic coating, the Roca Targa makes for a thoroughly stunning and hard-wearing modern tap choice. Better still, with its temporary limited cartridge, you can safely install this with the knowledge that the heat of the water flow is set to a child-friendly one. This gives you confidence from the very start that you've eliminated the risk of scalding.
Roca Alfa Tap
With its slimline design and evershine chrome electrolytic coating, The Roca Alfa is a soft-turn design. This allows the child not just more control over the water flow but also ensures a more comfortable experience when using the tap. Along with cold start technology, this tap also boats a five-litre minimum flow limiter. This further helps you achieve 60% water savings, making it an immensely practical choice when you have younger members in the home!

New Bathroom Taps That Cater to Children Can be Both Functional And Stylish

Alongside the safety features of taps, there are other features on many tap designs that are worth considering. One such feature is a lever-style handle. This type of tap provides increased ease of use as it encourages a smoother and all round controlled adjustment. 
Ultimately, selecting a tap choice that works for both children and adults need not mean compromising on that designer look!
If you’re considering adding child-friendly taps, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality