When designing a luxury bathroom, a freestanding bath is the most luxurious bath addition of them all! A bath to take centre stage in the room, freestanding baths are the epitome of high-class luxury, indulgence, and relaxation. It’s little wonder then that a freestanding bath is at the top of most people's lists when designing their dream bathroom.
Freestanding baths are a fabulous idea if you’re looking to make a statement piece in the bathroom or you merely want to treat yourself to a thoroughly comfortable bath. With acrylic the most common material used in these baths, they’re also a fantastic choice for those looking for a larger bath style.
At The Bathroom Showroom, we're proud to offer a stunning selection of the best freestanding baths. From modern to traditional styles, we have a wide variety of sizes and models to suit all tastes and, most importantly, all budgets, making a freestanding bath well within your reach.

Modern Freestanding Baths

iflo Laguna 
The iflo Laguna is a stunning and stylish freestanding bath measuring 1700 x 800 x 720mm.
With a capacity of 245 litres, this bath offers a double-ended slipper design. Also known as a boat bath, this means both ends of the bath are high with the centre dipping to complete a symmetrical form. The double-ended slipper-style ensures a wonderfully spacious bath and immersive luxurious experience. 
The iflo Laguna is supplied with a slotted waste and a simple but popular click-clack waste. 
As a modern freestanding bath, the iflo Laguna would look perfect in a modern mix bathroom.
Heritage Wenlock
The Heritage Wenlock is one of the most popular freestanding baths when it comes to its bath shape. Yet, for many, it's that precision marble detailing that sets this freestanding tub apart from the rest. 
With measurements of 1730 x 730 x 750 mm, this bath has a 200 litre capacity. The Heritage Wenlock is a high-quality double-ended bath choice that oozes luxury both in looks and in comfort. 
This freestanding bath comes with a chrome click-clack waste and integral overflow.
As a gorgeous centerpiece, the Heritage Wenlock would look spectacular in a marble-style bathroom. 
Roca Virginia
A statement bath, the Roca Virginia is a one-piece bath requiring no panels. This is a charmingly simple and understated bath choice that would make a delightful addition to any bathroom decor.
With a reduced measurement of 1700 x 800 x 560mm and a 175 litre capacity, the Roca Virginia would also work well as a freestanding bath in a small bathroom.
This white-finished oval-shaped bath comes complete with legs, an overflow trim, and a pop-up waste.
The Roca Virginia would make a fabulous freestanding bath choice for a modern minimalist bathroom.
Roca Modo 
For a freestanding bath with a difference, the Roca Modo is a highlight for many bathroom styles.
A white rectangular-shaped bath, this bath features solid walls and straight minimalist lines. 
The Roca Moda boasts a unique shelf and spacious draw to one end of the bath. This adds an element of functionality and practicality to this free positioning bath. 
With a 230 litre capacity, this bath offers several sizes to suit current bathroom requirements. 
To finish, the Roca Moda boasts a mineral composition that works to preserve the temperature for longer. The polishing process used here also ensures a very high anti-slip effect.
With its distinctive shape, the Roca Moda would make a spectacular freestanding bath choice for an industrial-style bathroom. 

Traditional Freestanding Baths

iflo Herita Slipper
The iflo Herita Slipper is an enduring, timeless freestanding bath. With its beautiful traditional single end, this is an immensely popular freestanding bath style. 
This bath offers space to relax fully at one end, with the taps positioned away from you at the other.
The iflo Herita Slipper is a 1500 x 750 x 570mm bath with two tap holes. With a capacity of 160 litres, the truly spectacular finishing piece of this bath is its cast iron legs. Available to purchase separately, these raise the bath slightly off the floor. A bath waste kit can also be bought to accompany this freestanding bath.
For a delightful bathroom piece that will stand the test of time, the iflo Herita Slipper is a brilliant choice for a timeless vintage bathroom.
iflo Herita Rolltop
The iflo Herita Rolltop is a radiant white double-ended bath that sits beautifully in all bathroom décor to create a stunning centrepiece.
With its roll-top feature, this bath choice boasts a rounded rim that serves to heighten the look of your bath area.
With a 180 litre capacity and two tap holes, this is available as a 1700 x 750 x 450mm bath. A gleaming white freestanding bath, the iflo Herita Rolltop combines a traditional style with on-trend by way of its chrome accessories. Available as a separate purchase for this tub, you can choose to increase the height with cast iron legs. There’s also a bath waste kit that can be added.
The iflo Herita Rolltop would make an effortlessly understated freestanding bath addition to a natural styled bathroom.
Heritage Tilbury
The Heritage Tilbury makes for a fabulous freestanding bath for smaller bathrooms or those short on bathroom space. This is thanks to its flattened external edges and square corner-to-wall design. 
With two variations of left or right hand, the Heritage Tilbury has a 185 litre capacity and is sized at 1665 x 716 x 570mm. 
Chrome Tilbury bath feet are available to select separately and a Heritage chrome bath waste kit can also be added, both finishing off the look of this delightful bath.
The Heritage Tilbury also has an exposed bath trap, working perfectly with this freestanding bath model. 
Finished in a pristine white, this freestanding bath can be paired with an optional bath screen which further increases its functionality.
The elegance and practicality of the Heritage Tilbury freestanding bath would work wonders in a Monochrome bathroom.
Heritage Orford
The Heritage Orford is a truly charming and amazingly shaped freestanding bath that makes a gorgeous statement piece. 
A delightful double-ended slipper bath with a roll top feature, this bath choice is finished in European white for a truly spectacular look. 
A chrome clicker waste and overflow are included with the Heritage Orford, along with four adjustable feet.
With a capacity of 190 litres, this fabulous freestanding bath measures 1700 x 740 x 700mm.
The Heritage Orford, with its thoroughly traditional design, would make an ideal bath choice for a timeless vintage bathroom.
Heritage Buckingham
The Heritage Buckingham is a superb freestanding bath choice if you’re looking to customise your bath to fit your unique style. This bath is hand-finished and primed with an undercoat and ready for painting. 
This is the bath that stands out from the rest with its cast iron construction. Therefore, the Heritage Buckingham is a superior bath type that oozes luxury and grandeur.
Featuring beautiful traditional styling, this bath offers additional choices of both imperial or grand imperial chrome or cast iron feet.
What’s more, the Heritage Buckingham has a selection of sizes, including baby 1540 x 780 x 585mm, roll-top cast iron 1700 x 770 x 585mm, and grand at 1780 x 800 x 675mm. There's also an option of capacity including 170 litres, 207 litres, and 240 litres, along with zero tap holes to two tap holes.
By offering the ability to paint any colour to suit, the Heritage Buckingham will perfectly match a colour pop bathroom style. 
Heritage Hylton
The Heritage Hylton is an on-trend and perfect statement addition to any bathroom and guaranteed to make your room the envy of the town. 
With its spectacular metallic effect finish, this acrylic bath is a double-ended slipper bath and is flawless in its design.
Available in a copper, gold, or stainless steel effect, the Heritage Hylton has a capacity of 200 litres and measures 1730 x 730 x 750mm.
Supplied with an integral overflow and chrome clicker waste, this is an easy-to-maintain bath choice. 
A distinctive and flawless-looking bath, the Heritage Hylton would make a spectacular addition to a Molten Metallics style bathroom.

A Freestanding Bath Provides Unlimited Bathroom Inspiration

Freestanding baths are a wonderful addition to many bathroom styles. Whether you want a statement piece, traditional, modern, or purely immersive bathing experience, these baths allow more freedom for placement in your bathroom.
A freestanding bath furthermore allows you to customise and style it to personal preference. Whether it's by adding floor-mounted taps or the best taps for freestanding baths, these fantastic bath choices offer an undeniable wealth of bathroom inspiration.
If you’re considering adding a freestanding bath to your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.