Though a small design feature, bathroom shelving can make a big impact on many bathroom designs. Yet, while open shelving makes for stunning Instagram content it's not always the most practical for all bathrooms!
The Bathroom showroom looks at whether open shelving is a good idea by discussing its pros and cons. We also consider if there’s a compromise available when it comes to your final bathroom design. 
The Pros of Open Shelving in the Bathroom
  • Undeniably a bathroom open shelving unit allows you to openly display specific objects. So, here you can make many products or items centre of attention in this room. Open shelving certainly makes for a focal piece in the bathroom.
  • Open shelving can visually break up a bathroom wall. This prevents the room from becoming too uniformed or overcrowded. Such shelving works particularly well in those small bathroom suites. 
  • Open bathroom shelving can be matched to the colour and material of your bathroom design. This also helps when encouraging a floating illusion. Such use creates an element of space with your design choices while adding areas of interest to the room. 
  • Open shelves are perhaps the easiest storage solution for all members of the home to quickly access and use. This makes them ideal when you have young members using the bathroom. 
  • With an open shelving unit you can instantly see what you have. So, you don’t need to hunt for items, and instantly know when your supplies are getting low. 
The Cons of Open Shelving in the Bathroom
  • Open shelving can be the most time-consuming to maintain. When holding lots of bathroom items, this area can become chaotic quickly. This means it will start to look messy and disorganised if not managed regularly.
  • Open shelving can be higher maintenance as it’s more prone to splashes. It will highlight all stains and marks when it's on show. So, you'll have to be mindful of cleaning efficiently and effectively, more so than with closed shelving.
  • Some people find they lose more storage when going open shelved. This is because most open shelving types don't have the large depth that many closed units afford. Reduced space is a possibility worth noting if you forgo any other storage solution completely. 
  • Some of us will have bathroom-related products that we simply don't want out on view. This includes sanitary products, toilet rolls, and cleaning products. Many of us will also have medicines that we can’t have out. These will need to be out of sight and indeed reach from younger members of the home. So, some items will need to remain in closed units. 
  • Because of the humidity and heat of the bathroom environment, some products won't fare well on open shelving. 
Is There a Compromise Between Open and Closed Shelving?
If you find that you can't quite commit to open shelving just yet, there are several compromises. The iflo Serino collection offers a good balance between open and closed shelving units. 
From their bathroom suites collection the iflo Serino Wall Hung 900 Unit is a fabulous choice. This is the perfect balance of a unit on one side and a section of open shelving on the other. And, as this is wall hung, you can create another open shelving area by placing items on top of it. 
The Hib Verve is another exceptional example. This displays a fabulous compromise between open and closed storage solutions. This is an illuminated mirror that has a concealed vanity. Yet, there is also a section of easy-to-access storage at the base of this design.
The VitrA Integra Collection also provides several spectacular shelving units. These all balance open and closed shelving perfectly. This includes the VitrA Column Unit, the VitrA Upper Unit, and the VitrA Mirror Cabinet. These beautiful pieces all allow you to balance what stays out on show in your bathroom and what gets put away.
Open Shelving Can Provide Fabulous Bathroom Inspiration 
Ultimately, bathroom open shelving can help encourage many bathroom ideas. This can offer fantastic creativity when it comes to designing your dream bathroom. 
Offering scope for a more personalised design, it may not be the best choice for all bathrooms. But, undoubtedly open shelving utilised here can encourage a more personalised bathroom experience. 
If you're looking for help selecting the best bathroom shelving, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.