An essential bathroom fitting, a bathroom mirror certainly earns its keep! Yet, not just a practical bathroom addition, a spectacular mirror choice adds a superb design statement piece. Here you can go all out and add a level of shine and sparkle with some of the most stunning mirror choices.  
With a jam-packed new bathroom brochure, The Bathroom Showroom is pleased to boast several new mirror ranges. Here we highlight just a few of our best mirrors for the bathroom that are an instant treat for this space.

5 Magnificent Hib Bathroom Mirrors That Add the Wow Factor

1. Hib Trim Round
If it’s the minimalist look you’re going for then the Hib Trim Round is an ideal choice for you! Adding a dose of modernity to any bathroom, this is an ultra-sleek round bathroom mirror. Offering two diameter choices, this mirror is available in 600mm and 800mm. What gives the Hib Trim Round that much-needed edge is its attractive choice of colour finishes. Available with brushed brass or matt black finish, this is the perfect addition for those looking to add style to the space using snazzy black bathroom mirror choices.
2. Hib Solas
Forcircular bathroom mirrors that create a talking point, the Hib Solas is an ambitious mirror selection. Perfect for promoting a layered look, Hib Solas mirrors look fantastic when multiplied in a bathroom. A striking mirror choice that works wonders when placed over double basins, the Hib Solas boasts colour temperature-changing LED illumination, a heated pad, and a sensor switch. Alongside its modern features, it provides polished chrome, matt black, or brushed brass finishes. Coupled with prominent mirrored sides, the Hib Solas is an indulgent mirror choice that brings instant elegance to your bathroom.
3. Hib Trim Curve
When looking for a trend-setting bathroom mirror, the most sensational of choices is the Hib Trim Curve. A large bathroom mirror, this is a confident and attractive minimalist style, but one that would also suit a more traditional bathroom design. This is partly thanks to its charming matt black or brushed brass finish. Better still, the Hib Trim Curve allows you the choice of portrait or landscape fitting, further allowing you to add an element of individuality through your mirror choice. This bathroom mirror offers options of H600 x W400mm and H700 x W500mm.
4. Hib Platform
If a large bathroom mirror with some modern additional features is more your style, look no further than the Hib Platform. Yet another prominent model, this is also an awesome illuminated bathroom mirror that benefits from precision LED. A thoroughly practical mirror choice, the Hib Platform oozes charm with its illuminated glass shelf and heated pad. Yet, gadget lovers will love its integrated wireless phone and toothbrush charger function! With a height of 814mm and 614mm available, the Hib Platform offers width choices of 500mm, 600mm, and 800mm to suit.
5. Hib Solstice
Finally, if you're considering a trusted and classic bathroom mirror choice, the Hib Solstice now offers a delightful brushed brass finish. A round bathroom mirror choice, this model fits effortlessly into all bathroom designs and provides a confident centrepiece. With size options of 600 and 800mm diameters, the Hib Solstice boasts colour temperature-changing ambient illuminations. Also available with a popular black finish, this mirror extends its charm through its decorative strap and wall fitting support, lending a distinctive feature to your bathroom wall.

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle With Spectacular Mirrors for the Bathroom

A fabulous bathroom mirror choice is a much-deserved treat for both the bathroom design and those using it regularly! With so many beautiful finishes available, a new bathroom mirror can lift the room and provide an enviable statement piece guaranteed to catch the eye each time you step into this space. 
If you’re considering adding a bathroom mirror, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.