There’s no better way to add style, shape, texture, and shine to a bathroom than with bathroom mirrors. Whereas years ago, such products were considered a last-minute addition, more people are beginning to understand how valuable mirrors are as a part of the bathroom design process. No longer merely functional objects, a mirror in the bathroom can complement, enhance and help coordinate with many other accessories. Greatly refining the aesthetic of this space, such wall decor can also become a focal point and statement piece while expanding this room. At The Bathroom Showroom, we offer some tips on selecting a mirror to emphasise your dream bathroom while suggesting several of the best bathroom mirrors.

Can I Use a Regular Mirror in a Bathroom?

Understandably, it can be tempting to select any mirror type to use in the bathroom. However, this environment is unforgiving when it comes to moisture, so regular mirrors with wooden frames won't last long in a bathroom.
Mirrors designed specifically for the bathroom are constructed using toughened glass, otherwise known as tempered glass. This makes them safer options should you accidentally break them. 
Additionally, most bathroom mirrors offer some form of anti-fog and anti-mist properties, helping you out when you're in a hurry to get ready. 
So, when you select a mirror for the bathroom, it’s crucial to ensure a bathroom-friendly choice.

Tips to Help Display Your Bathroom Mirrors With Style

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment With Shape
No longer do bathroom mirrors look clinical. Gone are the days of one standard bathroom mirror shape, and in its place are curves, colours, round bathroom mirrors, ovals, waves, frameless bathroom mirrors, squares, and rectangular bathroom mirrors.
Now you can take a bathroom mirror and jazz it up or change it around when hanging it to suit. Whether it’s an on-trend design, a traditional, modern, or slightly unusual shape, a bathroom mirror no longer needs to look dull or a last-minute decision.
The Hib Helix is a superb choice when adding a mirror of different proportions. This is a square magnifying mirror offering a tilt and extendable arm of up to 24 cm for flexibility. Yet, as well as being a three-times magnified mirror, on the reverse side, it's non-magnified for versatility and framed with a polished chrome finish to add an element of elegance.

2. Make Good Use of Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

A spectacular way to make the most of your bathroom mirror is to light it up. By choosing an illuminated mirror, you don't need to buy the light fixtures and mirror separately. 
Not only are bathroom mirrors with lights more practical and functional choices, but Illuminated mirrors make a stunning ambient lighting option for decorative purposes. These mirrors also double up as a night light for children or visitors using this room. 
For lighting choices that change with the temperature, Hib mirrors are perfect. The Hib Vega is an illuminated LED mirror with a gorgeous, stylish design. Suitable for any type of bathroom decor, this features a contemporary backlit effect. The Hib Vega offers a simple operating process with an on/off touch switch.

3. Consider Displaying More Than One Mirror

Many bathroom experts suggest having more than one mirror in a bathroom. This is especially so if you have a busy bathroom or more than one person uses the bathroom, and there's always a queue for the only mirror.
Yet, by taking advantage of this tip, you can add a variety of mirrors and display them to emphasise your beautiful bathroom decor.
Typically, people tend to choose one main bathroom mirror and place it above the basin. But, why not mix it up and use bathroom mirrors as design aids, perhaps making one wall a decorative one and another a practical one? 
The iflo Vela is a fantastic idea for multiplying throughout the bathroom. With the choice to hang it portrait or landscape, this bathroom mirror is well within budget to replicate throughout. A bevelled edge mirror, the iflo Vela is a simplistic but elegant mirror choice. 
Additionally, the Hib Libra illuminated magnifying led mirror adds that modern touch and can be positioned to fold against the wall when not in use.

4. Use Your Mirror to Make a Statement 

Mirrors can greatly complement both small and large bathrooms, provided you get the design and placement right.
Larger bathrooms benefit from having a mirror as a focal point, especially if that mirror choice is from an eye-catching range. The Hib Solas is a stunning black vanity mirror and, with its larger size of 500 mm or 600 mm in diameter, makes a perfect centrepiece. Available in a polished chrome frame or matt black frame, the Hib Solas benefits from mirrored slides, showcasing an offset design that works wonderfully in a larger bathroom, providing eye-catching grandeur.
A beautiful mirror not only makes a statement in a smaller bathroom but ultimately makes it seem bigger than it is. We’ve spoken on the blog before about using mirrors to open up a small bathroom, and the iflo Eclipse does this job superbly. Boasting a 30 mm slim profile, the result is a floating effect that emits a cool white to warm tone lighting setting to suit. With several features, the iflo Eclipse is multi-functional and therefore works fantastically in a smaller-sized bathroom when used as a centrepiece. 

Decorative Bathroom Wall Mirrors Can Improve Bathroom Decor in an Instant

Bathroom mirrors should never be underestimated when it comes to putting a shine on this room. With the ability to stylise your entire space, a mirror can provide an abundance of bathroom inspiration.
Our bathroom mirrors buying guide offers further guidance on choosing the best type of mirror for your bathroom design. 
If you're looking for help on selecting the best bathroom mirror, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.